Vladimir Latyish

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Sharpening of a wood saw  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want to show as but what Hacksaw case for. hacksaw tree begins with the separation of teeth have special type here tool this is where the exhibited degrees bent tooth well and I simple matter lightly adjusted screwdriver that is, I insert a screwdriver between the teeth begin do such here the same movement
  • 00:33: then the same I turn over and sound the same but when it is not I get to do on Lopper ah ie a finer courts therefore still accounts use devices and
  • 01:00: teeth should all be on one level that's below I proceed Zatoka teeth themselves on special diamond circles 12 r4 grain 180 [music]
  • 01:32: He raised one hand
  • 02:09: then the same
  • 02:33: downside tooth is the most
  • 03:26: it turns out here such that's sharp little flat
  • 03:32: teeth here is how all