How to prepare House cottage cheese. Very tasty, useful!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today I will cook home-made cottage cheese for I'll start skipping milk through separator the jar is separated cream in the thigh runs and brother low-fat milk in I will do it cottage cheese but was filled I remove its warm place until the milk is it will sour about for a day [music] Milk for the dyed
  • 00:33: put on average the fire cottage cheese must brew slowly check sometimes lightly stirring milk sour milk [music] it should not boil [music] when the cottage cheese
  • 01:08: a bit like will be welded off and leave to full cooling [music] draining the serum [music] the resultant
  • 01:38: cottage cheese percolate through colander the city is ready very soft tender friable add to the can sugar for an amateur can salt subscribe to my
  • 02:13: channel write comments put a husky see my other video I wish everyone beautiful moods [music]