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Pattern of women's trousers without lateral seams on an elastic band  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello the theme of today's movie about building a pattern of women's pants without Side seams on an elastic band on this pattern can be sewn light summer trousers sports trousers for home if desired, you can make shorts for beach can do shaving it already from your desire all depends on construction pattern must be removed Measurement of the product gene is removed from
  • 00:31: waist on the side walk to the floor step length from this point in the same way to the floor Measures the length of the knee from the waist to the middle of the knee Here these measures we need to build a grid in center we put the point m by our measure
  • 01:05: which we have the length of the product lay the vertical line down and this will be the side line on the trousers and set the point n then determine the height of the seat from the length products by measure it is necessary to subtract the length of the step is the length products
  • 01:36: this step length takes away the smoke of the step and we get the seating lines if we take example length of article 103 length of the step 74 length to the knee 45 from length of the product we subtract the length of the step 103 minus 74 we get 29 centimeters and put the point of T. this will be our
  • 02:09: seat height determine the line of the thigh for the definition of the femur line we use form and put a point b this will be the line bird hip formula half-hip thighs it is necessary to divide by 10 to add 3 centimeter 49 divided by 10 plus 3 It turns seven and nine centimeters from the
  • 02:40: the height lines of the seat up we lift on 7 and 9 centimeters we get the line of the thigh denotes point b find the line of the knee we postpone by measure since this is what we are removed the line the knee will be. since conduct horizontal line line
  • 03:11: waist thigh line height line knee line bottom line calculate the width of the trousers along the waist line we will calculate for the front halves and for the back halves they there will be different front half hemming of the hips plus one centimeter this increase divide by 2 minus 1 centimeter
  • 03:43: get 24 centimeters it will be . bb1 for the back half of the half- hip plus one centimeter divided by 2 plus 1 centimeter 49 plus 1 divided by 2 add one more turns out 26 centimeters and this will be points b b2 front half bb1 on the back half point b
  • 04:16: b2 we will build meetings front half pants define the middle line front half half-dressing hips divide by 10 + 1 centimeter 49 this is our half-hip thighs divided by 10 + 1 we obtain 5 and 9 and these are points b 1 b3. b1
  • 04:46: b3 the segment b3 b divide it in half and get the middle front halves if we will iron arrows on pants then this line is where it is obtained from the bottom line we put the point n 2
  • 05:16: further down the line postpone the width of trousers segment b1 to our middle of the front half before line dotted line and this line postpone from the point n2 to the left we get the same value we put the point n 2
  • 05:47: that is, here is the line this and this segment they are the same they are equal to proceeding to design of the waist line If the fabric is plastic from which you plan to sew your trousers then you need to to depart from the point m1. we got after we found
  • 06:20: point b one to raise perpendicular up before connecting from the waist line . m1 from it to the right postpone a half centime sorry 1 centimeter and one and a half centimeters down we obtain the point m 3, then we connect the point b 3 with a point n1, we obtain the point c
  • 06:52: 2k one of the points b is omitted perpendicular downwards ie a horizontal line we obtain the point c one segment с1 с2 we measure here at us 5 and 9 centimeters was we counted it b1
  • 07:28: b3 we divide in half round that it was we are three centimeters and from the point with 1 do bisector get three centimeters point from 3 now connect the points of our front but forgot to forgive the line of the knee narrowing one centimeter is postponed from
  • 07:58: points as one to the right 1 cm worth setting the point co2 is now connecting points tt3 b1 with 3 s 2 k2 n 1 and n further to the waist line to the point τ get the front half of the trousers
  • 08:28: we proceed to build the back halves trousers Is in the middle of the hind half of the hips + 2 centimeters divided by 16 the girth of the hips is 98 + 2 divided on 16 we get 625 add to them two centimeter on the freedom of clinging
  • 08:59: we get 825 and 825 rounded to eight centimeters and 5 millimeters and put point brother will we have a segment b2b and b2b and eight and a half centimeters and we draw a dashed line for this dotted line the line will be the central line trousers figuratively speaking, if we are in these
  • 09:32: trousers were finished by arrows and we are in it We will not do this line would then be of our line wherever we brazenly chewed the arrows but in these pants arrows we do not do distance 8 and 5 centimeters that we put b2b and this we postpone the same distance Further on the line of the thighs and set the point b 3
  • 10:03: from point 6 3 we will connect from the bottom line to the point m 3 how to find it at this point n 3 We take the interval n1 and n2 to work add to them two centimeters and this the amount we received was postponed to the right we put the point n 3
  • 10:34: then connect the straight line and point b 3 n 3 along the knee line we set We put the points of intersection k1 to the left one and a half centimeters one or two centimeters we obtain the point co2 along the line of the seat there where we have laziness and the account is lowered
  • 11:07: from point 6 3 down in a vertical line will be . from 2 from the point c 2 drop down one centimeter line seating will be higher on the back half for one centimeter we put the point with 3 and We can already make out the line of our step back half through the point from 3 through
  • 11:38: point as 2 points n3 and connect the line We proceed further in structure from of our point b2 it is necessary to postpone upwards of three to five centimeters in which case we postpone this length that is where 3 53 centimeter for the speakers I suit 4
  • 12:11: for normal I drive conventional and 5 centimeters in the event that the buttocks plane and set the point b 4 b2b 4 and can hold up to our waist line and put the point m 2 and then we must find with you point b 5 connect now the beginning point b b4 inclined line
  • 12:45: from point 6 along inclined lines we must with you to postpone Throat girth divided by 4 plus 1 centimeter 98 divided by four plus one postpone twenty-five and five centimeters and connecting our points b2 and b5 extend to the waistline oblique from points in to the point here is db4 when we go
  • 13:19: we put off twenty-five and five it . leaves us a little bit to the left now connect our points b5 and b2 produce an inclined line draw an inclined line further take in the work we take the front half
  • 13:49: line segment b1 t3 measure the number of centimeters and postpone this amount of centimeters on an inclined line which we conducted from the point b 4 and get the point m 4 that is, this is the number of centimeters measured and transferred here from an inclined line where we found b5 and
  • 14:19: connected the point τ4 with the point τ line waist and connected point t4 point b 5 . b2 and swirled the smooth line length y seating at the point c 3 on this construction patterns can be considered complete with the exception of increases that it is necessary to make on width
  • 14:50: gum because we are at the beginning of the video said that our trousers will be on an elastic band without side seams here we have a side line that we do not cut its edge and when we stitching then stitching on the front part 2 along the back parts of the slice are these two together and then Do not stapled our stepper
  • 15:22: but already folding the front halves back is that our stepper doshivaem line on the waist line we make an elastic band here the pattern of such pants is ready and I hope video was useful for you put enjoy and subscribe to my channel to everyone till