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  • 00:00: Hello friends with you are Svetlana short and today I I'll show you how make a casket of bamboo napkins such boxes I did or made 6 more years back and now I will show you one of the first which did for yourself this casket for six years active use with it nothing happened inside here with us definition for
  • 00:31: work for us will be needed bamboo cloth they are different quality different colors and different sizes cardboard corrugated we use fabric suitable color scissors magnets clasps the most the main thing is your gun and various decorations
  • 01:02: it can be tapes circles of roses on I did not do a lake the casket is made quickly just now let's get down to it style can be done casket chest or the banker will all be depend on the form sidewalks from if we we will make the bokovinki rounded forms then We will get casket view trunk if we take
  • 01:33: the side ruler here we can already to make a banker and the banker You can decorate also like the casket and decoupage I will do today casket for this we we take cardboard as measure each each napkin has absolutely different length width and so here only by fitting will need to cook cut out more
  • 02:03: cardboard of that form which you like and that's how it is method to determine where will we have height of the front wall apply cover and if there is we have a gap in the gap here about 2 centimeter I have a special so a shift then this enough
  • 02:33: if there is no gap if there is no gap will be in this style too, you too option is possible when butt goes but if it means more it will be possible to prune in advance all planned and now we will do lateral I will hold again our caskets mean for sidewalls I take the cloth
  • 03:04: could be curtain fabric maybe it's just me some kind of silk velor so i need will cut two pieces for one and also the main other means I chalk or pencil in advance here it's all done that the groove does not distract now one part of me cut out our markup and I will try even cut was
  • 03:34: inside our pattern and part 2 I will do allowance not less than 1 centimeter 1 part and the second part
  • 04:07: now with the help of glue gun we will all stick together pasted
  • 04:46: paste now scissors make incisions in heat so that the fabric can be was to turn and come I'm a bit too insecure do not cut yes cortona 12 millimeters and direct, too, I will not cut into a bowl not any of the
  • 05:28: hard enough cardboard, you can even several layers of it make that wall will be even more thicker more durable now I'm stuck second piece of cloth preferably clear you water to understand and Firstly will need to be glued top and bokovinki not a sister We are not it coincides all the same it will all be hidden from us inside the casket so here's what I have
  • 06:12: it turned out bifurcation I did it in advance and The second is now us it will be necessary to outline the same distance in height in our skirts are we sharing this now what was depth of our caskets I want her of course was roomy true here I'll make a mark he likely
  • 06:42: let's try to take scotch building will take you can your method and on the second if there are any small errors here at gluing them now we will have everything hidden ones inside now so now we will stick bokovinki I will stick not in the very edge still stable this
  • 07:14: the design is all when having receded from the edge as time that's where the line begin to stick now I turn to
  • 07:48: the other side is that it was the same most in the end that's what we have here it turns out now will need us to make a lock
  • 08:18: then I have here such magnets I bought in a shop where different little things sell I schedule a line middle or here a little bit Spread between a planches why i need this do now the that I'll be on top all with a hat draw in and just all our the lockers of our locks are not will be here for me will have to be
  • 08:48: edge if you have overlap more You can not do the most the edge a little higher from inside to put it is necessary one part of the strike it turns out so it will be look doing such a trick which will be hold fixing wings department and it will be necessary to both sides push these wings so now everything is fine
  • 09:18: it's all hide now we will note where We will need make the second part level necessarily sidewalls points because it can be a little bit of her bias in the fact that she herself a tissue is not always flat one side maybe a little bit longer length of the other shorter than thousand I'm accurate also put now we will check how it is closes whether she's closing here the lock slammed shut
  • 09:49: periods are you all fix just as from the inside I do this thing on wings and will be closed now I'm cleaning up already Scotch tape if you have very large overlap is about braid can be paste directly to
  • 10:20: sideways here here that have a raise or a little bit but I already everything is checked enough therefore I I'll start gluing here from this corner times good site kef this is the connection teaches the principle here I strengthen now I 'm going to the cuckoo I close the letter which shewed napkins Now we are here
  • 10:59: make beautiful corners turn and turn to our front stenochku here of course preferably close our lock tutorial it will turn out do everything for sure as well as on that side of corners so we did with you
  • 11:45: casket and pasted and and all the braid that gives us the opportunity consolidate it that is it becomes more lasting now we will just decorate it here I have possibility of lighting I picked up such machines I want them close a little our clasp because that she is a little bit peeps out and now I will deploy it in advance collected roselets which I made from
  • 12:15: satin ribbons now also glued and decorate here corner from I have not she invented for yourself option is very easy look at the end that u We got you can of course here add more various straziki
  • 12:46: beads too so as not to be not busting is already on your discretion . tool co strong can be from bokovinki make more on the wall saddle glasses or a little shelf and then it will be several departments have you here are our principle the result I hope you I liked our put the result husky subscribe to my channel thank you for attention