Path and the platform from a yellow stone \/ Lane and area made of yellow stone  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends welcome you on channel stone home success of stone today I I want to show stone paths like would a tile name it is not imported local me and for where from the forehead is not years old where is she so somewhere out of those places should it is 21 euros per square there is here and to us and next to this island
  • 00:31: 1 and the following today the haze is over there such a tile is such as pebble such pebbles but they thicker and they a little bit like covers are solved here therefore, take this stone clockwork and he how would it be well worth it not a roof smiles at what one word can not
  • 01:02: not bad good tracks from such stone making still I will show here look please both on really nice it looks like it all builds of stone