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Tag Family amateur relics. Part 2. Cornices

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  • 00:00: Hello, hello to you channel works of me call Tatiana and today we continuation series handmade mikvee I'm showing you tell about my grandmother's work In this issue we have three Bison decorated famous openwork border so first I remember the little by compared with the rest at the edge of it go
  • 00:30: series of major wide part very beautiful it is visible that was involved this too for the band length therefore there at the very edge of the the beginner did not have enough full width of the Lebanon subset process the washing was off the edge and must take into account here only half
  • 01:00: too thin taught wheelbarrow used for scale compared with finger of the mayoralty bricks with one of the rundown we have three rows yet at night . apparently it was steeper our swords thin strings sewn on both very neatly review with us he is already more
  • 01:37: size and huge part of any I'm crazy I liked this pattern that's why title page project again again very thin Threads this time and Hall motives need words while grandmother knitting could be this even has been training from knitting
  • 02:07: the best of motives beautiful podalas certainly certainly remember some tails of thread tucked in nothing such an alin mithin sewn on lace part sunny side in This shows a number of columns empty too, all very neat and beautiful the flower was drowning everything is small flattened malenkov leaflets to returned but beautifully all the same 3 shame too
  • 02:38: we are with big handsome border of the rim zigzags even some kind of hands a bit like seen and setochka there is no top to me it seems stubbornly bukovki same plodnenkoe such here my knitting here certainly not density self knitting video related rat cotton
  • 03:08: under the village during wash time exploitation is this border with previous looks much more thoroughly it's harder that it though bound by the same the thinnest thin thread threads of such bundles wonderful for carcase along the edge, too do not make melinda sewn on to change
  • 03:39: that the historian singly and so here are three I work for you grandmother today I want to show say that neither of them I do not remember saw though it is possible just my childish the brain when it was My sales are not was postponed I wonder who is important but in general to teach gnome beauty from which breathtaking
  • 04:10: there will be a huge portion inspiration and little further on that's all I hope you inspired and as I write in comments on what selection option for you liked more all not very interesting to know and also there breathes video under this family handmade kids there and show works your moms daddy's grandmother girls thanks for view all bye