BIG tropical flowers. The VRIESIA SPLENDENS from a foamiran  See details »



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  • 00:00: All huge greetings. With you Catherine and Obustroeno Subscribe to our channel, click on the bell. Look for us in contact, in which all of my templates are stored I keep making flowers for the hat box with tropical flowers Today I will create a flower called vriesia
  • 00:35: Perhaps, this flower is not too beautiful, and among tropical it is possible to find and is more attractive But as a supplement I really, really like I will use today the Chinese red eva foam - 1 mm The flower can be yellow with a red tint at the bottom And red First you need to cut out the rectangles, and from the rectangles - the petals
  • 01:06: Cut the strip 16 x 5.5 cm Fold it in half And half again So you cut out the first four petals
  • 01:36: Now fold each piece in half Round out at the bottom. That is, we cut out a small droplet Cut the next strip 6 x 24 cm
  • 02:06: Bend it again in half Cut Now repeat after me That is, each of the strips should get 3 petals Now you need to cut out the petals from a rectangle measuring 8 x 5 cm
  • 02:50: Such petals should be in quantities of 4 pieces Cut the next 4 petals from a rectangle measuring 8.5 x 5 cm And for the last batch of petals you need a rectangle of 9 x 5.5 cm Now we undertake the tint. I will do it dry pastel
  • 03:22: I take a sponge and moisten it a little I put the color in the lower part of the petals Apply very little shade Now take the iron, warm up the petals
  • 03:54: Then pull them These are the petals must turn out
  • 04:37: Similarly form the other petals Now take 4 floristic wires. I have a thickness of 1 mm Connect them with a tape tape Winding the wire, I will be a zephyr eva foam, since nothing will stick to the tape tape
  • 05:10: Next, take a piece of foil and collect a droplet, which you need to fasten in the upper part of the stem Now glue the petals, starting with the smallest Fasten the petals so that the foil is not visible
  • 06:05: Thus, fasten all the petals (in the form of spruce) Now take another 3 petals of the same that we used for the first row
  • 07:08: And prepare a dark green pastel Paint them One small petal is glued down - there, where they finished gluing Two other petals are located in the center
  • 07:52: Now you can put a tape tape on the stem
  • 08:28: Need a little grab the lower part A flower can consist of either a single twig or several This is at will and on how much space is left in your hat box