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  • 00:00: squid a little corner here such a scheme is guarded here it she keeps ranks pillars when with their cape here several Well, it can be imposed from anyone to drag the edges from the shadows if it is not new but like that and to separate the east, I'm bound means as that is what I will now be cut by the very nature the first time that what turns and the first thing that marks signs is the first
  • 00:31: strategist how do 3 eastern loop and 300 with only one missile should be the same The bodelan is connected with a table as without cyprus three piles are missing without nikita fourth so I hung up the desk as without Cyprus but then we got the first stage of the boy
  • 01:03: Cossack we have for sure in the same as what you have on the table to this line such pillars in relation to the like skipping three stolpnik the fourth ball at the greenpeace table Here such here it turns out about a card Here such turns out kaemochkoj
  • 01:34: I often ask how make a turn 2 so clear to turn this edge was what I was like that is, such as that is, these are the places this place is near the army as that is, first if you are there will allow kokoyty tablecloth or napkin then at first it is obligated and next A pillar like the sand is whipped and here in the corner the column can be reached
  • 02:06: report katie forces daughters four tables only in 4 5 years the scheme will fit on my site will be written out by her that is, this recipient will be if you do a corner like this issues boutique goods that is, what does it consider so it was then what experiences with nikita got on the sex pillar subscribe to garbage pits around
  • 02:38: skip new car I have many children this list olympiad house Doll language