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  • 00:00: knitting patterns with backcovering we type on the needles even number loops the extreme loop is transferred to the right knitting needle without tying, then do the reverse the crochet is thus from the bottom poddevaya The work thread is next the loop is transferred to the right spoke without the next loop of the front then the pattern repeats the reverse cusp
  • 00:33: string from behind we transfer the loop without tying the front a loop again reverse thread of thread It is captured from below by transferring a loop because I'm still cynical until the end of the series The last loop in this row The front loop is sewn in the second The extreme loop is removed to the right
  • 01:05: knitting without needles further two loops together including the cape we sew the front we remove the loop and now do the reverse we have a thread on our back remove the next loop on the right knitting needle The pattern will be repeat two loops together the front loop is removed
  • 01:36: we remove the next loop without tying it then 2 loops together with a face loop reverse crochet and remove the loop without tying up to the end of the row last loop in the series will be the facial in the future pattern repeat the extreme loop is removed
  • 02:06: Now reverse the cap on the loop from about tying 2 loops together facial and so further to the end of the series reverse crochet and for 2 together we sew a face loop look what a cunning turned out it is the same pattern from both sides and for no reason I will not say that he is knitted
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