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20. Dimenshs \"Winter evening\". Joint venture\" 50 shades dark\" .Отчёт#1  See details »

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  • 00:00: girls all hello glad to see you all on your channel today I'm shooting for you video video report by sp 50 shades I'm participating with this Here's the storyline less is called winter evening this is an old design we already removed from production and I have it I embroider with selection and this is what I have experimental
  • 00:31: girls process so as I have this scheme with her no circuit is issued Brutus and his classmates there in classmates there goes off and is issued it once in stages A week is given out a piece somewhere one and a half thousand crosses is obtained 30 by 50 squares here such a girl of the earth
  • 01:02: plot and the same girls I would also like to say there were also issued and the key is as if in flowers beyonce threads and everything I take there it is well I want to experiment how worth it participate in such adventurous koch or not and with you share it well and at the same time take part in this sp. here's the girls let's Let's see what I have it turned out this Here's a picture
  • 01:32: and can observe here what do I get girls i'm pretty here look all very beautiful, very glad those girls who are watching my channel is being watched tracks they know that I always shower job but I'm always me place horizontally now Here I am uncomfortable so
  • 02:02: keep frame well i had here here is the bass reserve I always start with bottom left corner and I go here and so in rows and that's how we here do not choose what to us Conveniently and we do so as suggested in this joint of shiva so here's me I had to this piece is not in the woods here by height but every time rearrange
  • 02:32: move because that it succumbs to this succumb to this here's the way here it turns out that somewhere here once two three here is this I had my first stage then two times three here second stage and so on 3 4 and this was the fifth stage that is further away from me 6 will go from here and I would not like to congratulations for this
  • 03:02: pieces I'm rewinding q sheaves then again down period I rearrange that is Here it is not so but uncomfortable it is necessary to wriggle so here I am I say here is the inconvenience in that that as to us give so here we are sewn Now for now I want to say how it is not here they are girls such is this for all is not in this folder all files as at least now pulled out to you it was more convenient and visible
  • 03:33: nor riveted it all business here such here stages in each stage 1 in each and so can the key after we cross out the marker is a thread in me I do not call in half in
  • 04:08: me those that used from here is here these are the strings of deepsea using such a threader is his Edanets sawed baits thread embroidered on not very happy with them but very girls I embroider thick needles like not thick I did not cry with needles and their fingers
  • 04:39: 20 year old shower and have this evil especially for faces with needles trouble strings i I cut into one meter here they are not stored here on this an organizer here I drew badges Once again admire the fact that I get it
  • 05:10: girls embroider on colors but here I have it turns out it is necessary park these thread as it is not I know what's next here it will be easter here it turns out parking is not cut off I want to because I know what's next again the same color and meaning in circumcision I do not see the fixation well, and at the end of the video you put Photo
  • 05:43: step-by-step sewing may be closer still then since I have the camera does not bring to indicate crosses here on house is still here this run and here I did not seen I do not even know why it is necessary in principle not doing so and French heifers now and backstage I do not know what with this will be after washing stages are issued here so here I turn it off
  • 06:13: instead of French nodules in two colors white color in 2 strings and such pale blue in one thread of a knot here these French yours according to scheme fast order of the picture looked in principle about I even God did what there the picture goes well its all of everything I wanted share this my five stages embroidering I here everyone
  • 06:44: the stage is about two days old I get a week I give this process that is two days a week despite for the fact that I have it there some other basic my work is two days i I highlight here on this process as well, even girls are all what I am would like to share with you for today stay with me come to me at guests subscribe
  • 07:14: to my channel if you liked the video put your fingers up all kind meetings bye Bye