Weaving of figure 1 from elastic bands on a slingshot  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: for weaving figures These take our slingshot steeper to the right orange column three turnover we take elastic bands throw on columns and discard screwed 2 turns still a couple
  • 00:30: larvae and discard left and right gum column we transfer elastic bands to the right of the we will have this left here's the first half running boards we take one elastic band wind on the right
  • 01:00: column 3 turns we take the woman orange took off the capes is 100 absorb three turns Our rubber bands with which we we take another pair rubber bands puts on all the same and throw off left and right a table our erasers transferring
  • 01:30: a pair of rubber bands are passionate music on the left we take a pair rubber bands and throw off all the gums plum bump to us our on our pair summary and then we begin
  • 02:03: knit here our we take the upper stick we throw a couple it consists of rubber bands us from seven loops take we throw in the doorstep scheme 1 1 is 2 2 loop 3
  • 02:35: t here we take off taking
  • 03:22: we transfer elastic bands on the left of the right and now we would knit this one here spout for this wind on the left the rubber band in three turns we throw a couple rubber bands skipper swirling elastic on the left 105
  • 03:53: we throw a couple more rubber bands are supported 3 techniques 2 . rubber transfer the rubber
  • 04:27: on the left of the table on right we throw one thing in. throw off all the gums The satellite on the right this and do a petticle for
  • 04:58: transfer the rubber band to you public on the right we hook under top and synthesis where is his lower draw boards to from the table and this tighten we correct the figure another chain weaving figures 2 and 0
  • 05:30: showed previous video next video I show how to weave the number 6