Needlework. A decoupage with effect of aging.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: you are an artist Alexandre Belyaev today we are engaged decorating small clay I took the white acrylic enamel and slightly mute this color
  • 00:30: black color to white color of novelty on our product is not was so bright all the same we create effect of aging and product should not look bright and New and measles in not everywhere is good was located in the bank but these spots will provide additional effects on surface of our products
  • 01:00: of course all the stages work is desirable think in advance and understand that you do you want to get in end otherwise work on the principle of what will happen leads to the result can be perfectly unpredictable Of course, well if you have a certain practice and can already present the final
  • 01:33: result but if there is no such practice I think classes that we are holding today should educate you in the decorating different products I took the sandpaper paper and take off part white paint with surface or other potty that is also even when I give him
  • 02:03: peculiar effect aging I do not use paint the best best wishes quality in order to so that it is not very strongly mated over the surface enough will be acrylic enamel white moisture resistant she well falls on surface but with this has opportunity for
  • 02:33: further processing of course then The surface we we will cover with a varnish and about what kind of abrasion exploitation and speech I will not go I continue to work in my jar glue pva in which I add a little brown color surface our product to me
  • 03:04: it seemed all the same too bright too rational too new and I'm preparing here this solution on based adhesive pva for order to slightly mute this intense light white color I try and solution seems to me too light add colors now most of the time and that's it
  • 03:35: water color spreading our solution creates unique spots that we only on hand which give effect antiquities which we fix strengthen and continue in this product is what came after how our products withered here and there decided to cover up already
  • 04:05: intensively created stains are all very it is difficult to calculate with the first mask the first time but still following conception I'm working on a product until the moment while me will not suit I take the result acrylic lacquer varnish and paste on
  • 04:36: the surface of the pot in in advance harvested decoupage picture the surface is very miter and image from me quite the same for rigid transparent paper so I you have to press with his fingers from all parties I take scissors and pruned
  • 05:06: bends of the place which But they did it. pretty easy manage and folds gradually disappears with surfaces like you You can see itself picture also with a touch antiquity is not new soft it should be good fit in image of a pot and not be a dissonant
  • 05:38: on its surface some more strokes which attach aging effect nabryzg with a brush I 'm doing more additional batch to do more sprayed on surface I stir acrylic paint and use
  • 06:08: the usual color brush stiff bristle which allows here such movement give some splashes like this gradually our pot acquires the old view interesting view I supplement its appearance hand movements
  • 06:40: already and fingers are connected to work Well logically, we decide which sites have this product may to be most erased and add there dark color like imitation of abrasions and the final step this is a pot cover matt lacquer of course matt and glossy
  • 07:11: Once again we repeat created an effect aging and some gloss here will only interfere we cover from all our products ready and small complementary stroke which will support the topic of this product I thank you for
  • 07:42: attention was interesting to do for you this job