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Topiary from flowers. Master class express  See details »

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  • 00:00: and today we begin Master Class for the manufacture of flower tree by before that is, we take here such small flowers hydrangea artificial we we cut it then there is a highlight of it again thus You do not stick we turned out magnificent crown
  • 00:30: principle above all were on the past master class is already you can say specialists in complex there is nothing that is we are here to choose there is a pink sky blue color can be drawn cat you want me really want to have even look at this option and this an option that we have declared in the internet was there only one hydrangea on excepting also looks very beautiful and gentle I took every case of different greens that is, dark light shades maybe someone wants to play greens that is still add a tiny bit
  • 01:01: green if it is desire is the choice and tapes took naturally different-different sewing so that then we neatly made here beautiful bow below, we will have sisal but its just glued on hot gun at this moment and glue technology as usual tree is the same then there we are pouring cement trunk from above decorating something what is right for us village here we can use both beads of styrofoam you
  • 01:31: natural size more and usual which we form from tissue and paper the trunk of our tree we fix the card pots we pour cement or basta all which can very freeze in put the barrel on top of me I'm looking for throwing pieces remaining macroflex and us volume of soil
  • 02:01: top about and everything their words freeze very good in pots keeps our doors the crown of ours consists of plain paper then there is this crimped paper from above fabric and just coiled the cloth Well, so she was good round shape plump form was why the flower did not this is because he it is calculated that on it will be so glue well these are the chains and that was hit by color
  • 02:31: if for example something somewhere will to look through this is it will not be scary this will not see the basics with the technical part will not be visible and already will be more beautiful and here we can use any decor for pots here in this case we we lay sisal we just go there we put it together as it should be in the hall very much very convenient
  • 03:01: looks beautiful then we can simplification glue them literally several places with cuttings they can be shoot these things we are at night here so I'm not exactly flat
  • 03:33: up to flat we just one bonnet up night glue and when we glue us, too see how to glue them we also do not glue them we glue them natural friends to each other is not strong densely but not too much rarely that is what average because when will be the final stage and we'll see It may be possible to have if you can compact we will compact the extracted lim why so long as we
  • 04:04: scatter such medium density about the decor until we think so far only foyamane pendant here, in principle, everything good dinner that we when we deliver flowers we so that we do not whatever size it is there was not we anyway we can adjust ideal ball shape well, that is, we are to her strive for measure and that there is not was flattened that it is not a valve so that it does not are formless this Well, so that on top The edges were the shape of a ball if we have somewhere
  • 04:35: sags in shape for example , somewhere less in what where then more are always we can increase for example, with this hand two small this . next we stand here glued above you we already have a large will this side higher for example this way here can control here, for example, not high flower here can be small shaved like this from any form you can pull out all just really it's just that I'm usually
  • 05:05: It has a base there is small tricks yes we put it this way like this we unfold Facial facial everywhere there was a hand after to make a war there is an overlap on top of another name married, that is, we personal host is not we are not wake up wait we take this moment there is nothing unfold and
  • 05:35: bandaging in principle, it's all gangs so bind me there is nothing to knot did not start anything here because acts and rear beads thrust beautiful russia correction gentle beautiful bow and others and are already solving where we will have exactly person and can tie in as
  • 06:06: paste but in this case the person accurately will probably be well look where already to make money pink series Well, it's everywhere there is also a pink lilac that 's here this is it