Master class: A glass of \"Zhirafik\" from polymeric FIMO\/polymer clay tutorial clay  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everybody, I'm Marina although the movie I prepared for you interesting master class on modeling from self-curing polymer clay fimo air I will show you how easy it is and you can just do this an interesting glass for pencils video giraffe he will be an adornment any children's table and all the pens on our line will be in one place in the work I used fimo air elite series ordinary
  • 00:30: watercolor paints flexible brush fuzzy wire Super glue glass or glass for base and acrylic black marker so let's get started we will disentangle the mass and with a glass of it completely from all parties [music] [music]
  • 01:00: After you fully clothed a glass we form the head giraffe stretch sharp-pointed muzzle [music] and stretch the legs and ears [music]
  • 01:32: all irregularities can be to iron one's fingers [music] with the help of toothpicks we do spout and you can schedule eyes to then it was easier for us colorize me used the usual wooden stick for the neck frame but do not do this
  • 02:02: need because the clay very dense after hardening and hard target the junction of two parts after our product is a bit dried up we glue together on the super-glue of our two the details are neat take out a glass and with the aid of emery SKINS our paper we cup smooth all unevenness to beautiful and give more
  • 02:33: to dry off a little our product since after as we took out cup inside capacity in our country remains still wet only after our product completely dried up and took a firm form we take a brush we color our preparation of paints I painted a giraffe in yellow color gave him dry and now brown i I paint his heel typical of Giraffe paint color you can use
  • 03:03: absolutely any qh acrylic watercolor and no more like this same can use markers and markers [music] [music] [music]
  • 03:36: draw a mane and we decorate the colander [music] with acrylic draw a marker giraffe eyes
  • 04:06: [music] sorry and draw a mouth giraffe can be absolutely anyone I I'll show you two option, you can make it simple option with black eyes can be make eyes more cartoons with the help of white paint black marker or black
  • 04:37: paint like you more convenient after how is our schedule completely dry glue his legs that on a glass stood very firmly for this I advance I have prepared a four legs and colored them brown color when help super glue we attach the legs to our a glass [music] note that everything details on the critical and between yourself on glue only after full drying out [music] flexible fluffy
  • 05:13: the wire remained me from the previous of which I made a master class he is called crazy and in this set all toy parts mobile with just this The wire we apply a bit of glue on manes which we painted earlier and apply a contour and bend the wire [music] and press her who things that's so kind
  • 05:45: interesting giraffe we got it possible boldly insert pencils maker break and on your steel will always order [music] naturally animals you can sculpt absolutely any any like your to kid hippopotamus dinosaurs elephant seals and bunnies with you was a marina
  • 06:15: ferrets but before new meetings subscribe to our channel and stay with us [music]