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Calculation of loops of a raglan from above with a sprout, length of the line of a raglan

Calculation of loops of a raglan from above with a sprout, length of the line of a raglan  See details »

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  • 00:00: patient and on the channel our throwing cabinet the beach today's video is dedicated to the viglar The excavation and also what should be on the lines of raglan for a start we measure surrounded by a neck We measure the circumference exactly as we want see our product at the same time remember that surrounded by the neck should be larger than to surround the head with all the calculations I will do the example of a 6 year old child sweaters with head circumference 54 centimeter where is surrounded by a throat I took
  • 00:31: 55 centimeters now measure the raft out knitting tears a small sample how many loops and rows in square one by one centimeter I have one eight eight loops and 2 whole 80's for drawing a pattern we draw an oval add 4 lines raglan top case the link below takes on the sides of the sleeves translate surrounded by a throat in the loop of me 55 is multiplied by the number of loops in one centimeter from 18 and get
  • 01:03: ninety-nine children this number is needed round up to an even number from me this ninety-eight children further advertising can be on one loop to 2 5 so or more if advertising some I will have a classic drawing and advertising 2 loops and that 4 lines of two loops this eight weeks I give advertising 98 minus 8 loops are 90 loops remains on the back of the front and the sleeves and so 90 loops divide 3 parts of them 30 into
  • 01:35: Backrest 30 in front and 15 loops and between two sleeves if you are left with the remainder It can be added to the sleeves if it is jumper for a muscular man can add Answer loops if this is a jumper for women with big bust for all other sizes the remainder divided in half between back and forward also if you are building a circle for slender person a few loops from Sleeves can also be moved to the hinges
  • 02:06: back and period so we calculated the and if you are going to knit without Taraska so it's all the calculations are simple further we knit in a circle we add in each second row from each side and put race whether and so such a sprout is our business built so that on the back we have a there is a convexity if we to knit an article in the back and in front of
  • 02:38: We will return the product a little back so the pattern is done so that The backs were slightly higher than before this difference is the height of the sprouts it is believed by a simple formula we take neck circumference and divide it by 6 and we take away 1 centimeter Also there are shock tags for children from 0 to 3 years sprout or not at all or is done quite a bit and a half centimeter to children over three years of age up to teenagers is already done up to three
  • 03:10: centimeters adults 42 50 and sizes are made up to five centimeters adult size 50 and more is done something about 7 centimeters from me will grow three centimeters and so to us you need this length of 3 centimeters transfer to the ranks 3 multiplied by 2.8 rows this in one centimeter I got eight kopecks rounds up to an even number always means I have eight years and so I need additional tie 8 ready for our time to
  • 03:42: we knit a short mile time so 8 divide by 2 and get a four of this here the four is what we need to do 4 markings on the sleeves of the hinges How the hinges of the sleeves split five parts were not easily shared by 15 5 stages 3 loops if you do not nasal is divided and remains the rest you do not evenly distribute these points more loops for these back and smaller loops to period further determined what night the beginning of the row can be on the back
  • 04:15: advertising or in the front if it's a jake practice says that the most convenient the beginning of the series just before the advertisement was in time the addition of raglan now we need cut from the beginning of the row to the first mark in right sleeve then return in the first marks on the left sleeve again turn the work to 2 marks on the right sleeve so we front line advertising several times with us will begin to add loops when we will already bind these ours eight rows on our back will be on 8
  • 04:46: loops more than cut down to back It was not wider than the pen Now we need to make these eight loops the difference and so on the back is taken away half is 4 loops and we get 26 5 these 4 drop drums of the drip period 30 + 4 this will be 34 loops this way the difference between the front and the discount is already was 8 loops at once to check total number of loops what to stay 98 as we calculated we begin knitting
  • 05:17: short rows of 1 facial reaction hand from advertising do not start knitting until The first mark on the right side We have twice before him advertising and add one loop on each side that is, four loops with a drum then turn knitting in purl side and knit the wrong side to them until 1 marks already on the left sleeve with on the side of adding we do not
  • 05:47: do again turn knitting the front side we knit up to 2 marks on right sleeve from the front add on each side the main one loop 4 row with on the wrong side we knit without adding advertising to the second mark on the left sleeve the fifth row from the front side again do addition raglan and knit 3 marks on the right sleeve again turn the 300 night side of the knitting without adding raglan to 3 tags on
  • 06:18: left sleeve turn knitting front side from the front side Adding ads and knitting in 4 tags on right sleeve knit without adding raglan to 4 tags on the left sleeve it was the eighth row of 8 rows of us ruled but now we have turned the last time zivu you aside and we connect a number up to the beginning of our knitting, that is, this one red dot continue knitting raglan
  • 06:48: in a circle on all loops simultaneously making additions in every second row lu on each side of each line of raglan so you get a beautiful round neck if you want You'll also need a drop of droplets make short leads and on the hinges of the period about this, we'll talk in the next video what length should the line itself be advertising you can measure it in height except for the height except for
  • 07:20: simple formula for the pavel of the grasp of your breasts divide by 3 and add 5 centimeters but remember that the length of the straight line should be more than the height I prepared a special table on which the length of the straight line and Height of armhole for size from year to 60 size for men or 52 for women remember that this table is about and after all all symbols are dependent on the selected
  • 07:52: You can download it for site yarn dot r by reference and so on theory all if you need practice skip to the next video thanks all with you was the school of writing our yarn [music]