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Fast CUTLETS FROM CABBAGE. \ud83d\ude0b\ud83d\udc4d It is very simple, but It is very tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: today we prepare cutlets from a young cabbage cabbage patties are obtained very tasty and hearty and cook them will not be difficult about 700 grams of cabbage cut into several parts boiling water a little salt and put it in cut the cabbage cover and cook cabbage 34 minutes from boiled cabbage we shift to a colander
  • 00:34: in order that the glass is superfluous when the cabbage has cooled slightly from it excess fluid shred by its knife leaving one onion stubby cut the diced onion into cubes fry in small quantities vegetable oil until golden brown 50 grams of cheese three on a large grater in bowl we put shredded cabbage
  • 01:04: fried onion grated cheese here break one egg a little bit of salt and pepper in the end, add about five spoonfuls flour all mix well form Cutlets in order to make it easier to form cutlets a little hand moisten with water one cutlet approximately 1 tablespoon cabbages Cutlets put on a hot frying pan
  • 01:35: with a small amount of sunflower oil after the cutlets browned on one side turn them over to the other side and cover the frying pan with a lid about 3-4 minutes ready Cutlets are served best serve such cutlets with hot and sour cream cutlets from young cabbage turned out fragrant tender and very tasty such cutlets can be served not only as yourself
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