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Subtleties of laying of a tile on uneven walls  See details »

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  • 00:00: in this video, I I talk about the intricacies tile laying on uneven walls such wall difficult laying and rob much more time, so laying on rough the wall is an extreme option and here's my first piece of advice if you have time and opportunity necessarily Line up the wall laying wall tiles always aligned dumps the purchased or homemade and that to do if there is no such is not possible time to equate a large wall and drops on the wall big then do alignment partially using
  • 00:30: The same tile adhesive Give this layer dry out during the day the main thing that he gave shrinkage before laying tiles you will easier then to work Another important tip always strive to minimum layer adhesive during installation Tile is reduced shrinkage or shift glued tiles that turn makes appearing steps between the rows of projection stacked at different while now I graphically we illustrate there is a wall on her curved surface we we will stick
  • 01:00: tile unlike aligned walls here It requires large thick as the adhesive layer Typically applied adhesive wall and dent tile in here comes the It is interesting drying glue on different parts of the tiles affect different forces and the more adhesive the retracting force tile adhesive will and most above interesting that all these forces are interconnected will not be equal to a tiles will receive supplementary surface tension that do not need and often leads to
  • 01:30: cracking worse situation when an uneven wall veneer floors different times say this is the bottom row of tiles laid yesterday today we put on uneven surface glue for the next a number simultaneously lining the wall at this section we Retractable tile we do the necessary gaps and on her back there are some In addition, we force control verticality tile surface focusing on but on the previous row the next day there is something
  • 02:00: unpleasant upper a number slightly shifted about last he I was involved in a wall stronger if we will make the level of the We find the most nasty step from which it can be the following conclusion in the not flat wall where It requires a large glue quantity laying should be produce for every 1 day if not styling on flat wall It occurs a few days the beginning of a new a number of subsequent days have to do step contrary not
  • 02:30: utaplivat new flush with the tile but yesterday's close how to determine this indent a step value can be determined pre-setting Lighthouse shrinkage the first row after shrinkage of the next Day tile offset from the Beacon will show the desired value And now I directly I show you how to work with uneven areas wall near the wall upwardly into the interior swamped and each new row It requires more glue but can be The situation is reversed when the wall is filled up
  • 03:00: into the room in this If not, be careful with the bottom rows to He was subsequently clearance on adhesive the upper rows in the beginning I apply glue to wall because of the thick layer the adhesive must be thicken with a trowel, I carefully dent Wall glue glue quantity that I require cause I define by adjacent tiles pay attention that glue and put on surface for laying only one tiles
  • 03:30: glue is applied in such a way to avoid prevent voids in the wall As you can see, this work more cumbersome in Unlike alignment with the wall using rules to tile laying after the wall we switch to and tile and necessary primed glue adhesive to be applied to the entire surface tiles evenly and then using the notched trowel or trowels do
  • 04:01: grooves in the case I use trowel with a big teeth as well as on a flat wall the presence of the grooves allow to enter Air pressure sensitive tiles and adhesive layer after extrusion will be uniform Now gently install tile in its place to dent take emptiness and lightly tapping do not forget establish remote
  • 04:30: crosses the bottom and laterally control at the level of check verticality tile installation will adjust it where it is also necessary to spirit level single check adjacent plane tiles here we do not does the opposite step as the wall fit for the times I I hope this information has been
  • 05:00: useful and handy in your work see my other videos about packing tile Comment subscribe to my channel and I say goodbye to you all the best to new appointments