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  • 00:00: All regards this project is another kitchen and with I am Alexandr friends today share a recipe for homemade bread I cook it a couple of times a week can cook with your eyes closed for you all hung down laid out on the shelves of all is prepared simply and it turns out to be fragrant and
  • 00:30: very tasty please for the recipe to us need flour of the highest grade here 600 grams I sift water it warm 300 milliliters of sugar one and a half spoons teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oil use your favorite can take unrefined so that there was also a smell gorgeous and 2 teaspoons without a slide dry yeast The recipe at us fast all measured out as
  • 01:00: says for years so without the hassle and steam sugar salt yeast all poured into the flour here vegetable oil and all water at once Let's start with a spoon and take a small and then already kneading That's how I hung out 8 minutes like this
  • 01:38: The dough turns out soft but still tight and I call it raw now take it we send it in a cup film and I put it in the oven for 30 degrees you can turn on the light bulb If you have an oven that supports function and leave the minutes for 40 that the dough at us has increased also yeast earned this kind of dough from us through 40 minutes perfectly suited oh you are now me
  • 02:11: I'll get it We have seen what beauty we put on the table is all to the point bend very soft straight velvet on The touch is gorgeous and weighed it turns out 932 grams that is 450 465 gram bisect
  • 02:42: we divide in half and these two pieces rounded off let's go already on the table Another 10 minutes to 15 minutes are like this we cover with a film or a towel and let will suit 15 more minutes here such billet we got breads the more accurately the harvesting took place once more now we take this way wrapping inside we form here such sausage here it is a seam
  • 03:12: turn over and slightly like this twirling pulling these are the tips we form here such a bar turned over if you must have taken some and so that it all formed then there is a bottom underlined the loaves of such a we send it to the sheet beauty and now take a little rye flour, but this is what I'm so zamorachivayas you
  • 03:46: You can not do a little dusty and make a few knifes with a sharp knife I take out the same for 30 degrees there I have not yet a big cup with water it costs so well the humidity was and let it still stand 20-25 minutes stunned to like this bread parted look what a wonderful loaf we got on the picture now I put it in the oven, I'm now here
  • 04:16: turned on at 200 degrees that it warmed up and at the same time we put our billet bake 35-40 minutes before golden rosy and very appetizing color of our home breads fragrant ready now lay out a roll on lattice to cool down and then show you that there is a cold inside the bread crispy crust
  • 04:46: guys I'll show you the time well returns a finely porous structure this is how I like that he was plump while watching what fragrant what is impossible beauty here such bread friends and here also see I recommend you cook and get used to a good bread very much it it's delicious and as you've seen everything
  • 05:17: getting ready very simply was happy with you share subscribe to our channel put hounds and stay with us here will be delicious until soon [music]