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  • 00:00: hello to all our dear friends today I want to do an overview of this necklace of beads this is my Indian agate, I already have you showed me there came three bundles of beads size 8 6 and 4 millimeters and I decided from them to collect here such necklace in one from previous lessons I showed that In the same way, one can gather from stone chips on pines bracelet but also the same necklace Now I want to show that not only
  • 00:30: This can be done with beads too, that is, we take ordinary beads of different sizes can be taken by the way as for the size I all the same I advise the size of 4 millimeters for This does not take it is not very suitable though I used to use it here , but a little bit This business does not like that they are such Small and do not close this wire
  • 01:03: You can see a little bit of wire remains when Here you put a lot of video and yet the most the optimal size seems to me this the size of 6 millimeters is very simple and this all becomes the right pina means Take a pin dress on a bead that's done loop we take the instrument twist I spin to the end
  • 01:34: you get a bead with a loop many such beads are made with backs different sizes and then we already dress on I've been wearing this thing all the time jewelry string in 2 strands I took first on the body protector such they are so here
  • 02:06: protectors you see here first clothes protector on a jewelry wire then clamped by a creme puff here such metal beads they are soft wear two threads jewelry cable clamp tool and then you need this cream To hide there are special caps for
  • 02:38: krim puff about here they are and then close Here so a cream and it turns out pretty neat is this end but then you can dress on this cream or currents or here I just have to fish so the way I designed the two ends here first I dressed just 10 centimeters of beads and 8 millimeters and I tried to create a gradient like
  • 03:11: the transition from one color to another well, so As here pale such combinations it is not very clearly seen, but still here I'm here in the middle of more green shades turned out later gray-brown a little bit well and then again, such green can be like that with the transition, if you have some colorful beads are also good it turns out and then so here at me mine 5 beads 4 millimeters 4 beads 6
  • 03:44: millimeters, I alternated them here with beads 8 millimeters it's just that I was wearing beads and between these swirling ones as it was on the pinnacles of beads and in the end This work turned out at the end again Here are just the beads, as if this fur and I threw it out only in the middle is so pretty interesting work turned out pretty
  • 04:17: to myself in beads too beautiful here today I just wanted to show that this is possible create you can take some bright beads just from acrylic because these are the they are still very heavy I must admit but you can also perform addition to them earrings or bracelets Here it will turn out too interestingly options have the right to be
  • 04:49: that's what I wanted to tell you today and I already say goodbye to you all, good luck success of creative inspiration and bye-bye until the next video