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  • 00:00: hello to all this channel easy to prepare and I Olga Matvei today I want to offer you a snack of pancakes look what beauty found this recipe failed with you do not share because it looks very festive very beautiful and on in fact everything is very not available expensive read cheap it raises a lot of this deliciously put on table all wow well in In general , this beauty comes out here this dish is you get them you get a lot of I got 14 pancakes each of
  • 00:32: them is cut by 3-4 parts of Well, count it it is enough bulk snack you can prepare and they are very fast literally in an hour I did this beauty [music] Let's start with pancakes I need eggs we beat eggs not be sure to do
  • 01:03: mixer can do the usual aureole fork but a wreath not quite it is convenient to stir together with flour so here so with chatted well on two minutes to chat now we will salute here add ground pepper is so fresh ground most delicious he is so getting of each after peppers need add a bit sugar as unsweetened us such a stuffing unsweetened but sugar I would added a couple of tea
  • 01:33: spoons or even two dining rooms and yet forgot spice means need to add basil Yeah a little basil and there are many spread ground just a little bit like this slightly dry greens I have green here parsley dried everything Shuffle means so the option is add something is there any sharp you love i will refuel mostly I will have one garlic therefore the island I will not add
  • 02:03: the garlic that I Today I will use also this is not it is necessary but we eat garlic and think about everything already understood that at home everything comes with garlic so the milk now add flour mix gently all with flour oh soda to the flour add soda normal at the tip knife and all we are now mixing in batter we send somewhere a couple of canteens spoons of any vegetable oil stir here
  • 02:33: so that's why that then I will fry on dry frying pan only before the first pancakes I grease if you have turned out lumps miss all through a sieve still I do like this I raise ladles that it was you will be more good the dough should be left minutes to 15-20 so that she just stood in room in the kitchen at a table in a frying pan a drop of oil warm it up and wait when it warms up
  • 03:05: more oil I do not greasing here such manner in the heat of all pancakes now fry pancakes so that pancakes Thin ladle here that's here poured into a frying pan all escaped and so fry with one and the other side so turn on the other side pancakes are fried very fast I recommend to you all acquire a frying pan for pancakes nothing more do not fry it here such a long one can
  • 03:35: more Here it is this standard for me diameter is such one-two and everything is ready we pressed pancakes I got it from of this norm 14 pancakes are like this they are tiny they these are softer do not harden can be done in advance and then wrap stuffing and any such pancakes can be cook with spinach she will be very beautiful pancakes smell of pepper and slightly greens and Basilica mainly Well, in general, this is
  • 04:05: beauty turned out That's it wrap up but to need wrap stuffing so let it be cools and we are still on three beets principle you can take any stuffing according to your taste but I today I do as was in the recipe gloves means on coarse grinding rub beets immediately so to speak is not Wash the grater rubbing here cucumbers can be Buy it but it's mine production and garlic
  • 04:35: now next to small grater rub garlic paste mayonnaise some salt and mix into this once to me somehow very you can see a lot of moisture so can you be therefore recline all it should not be counted to be like this wet let the excess the liquid flows I think that cucumbers gave too much juice but the beet itself was such know very juicy and in this since I have therefore me it seems that more
  • 05:05: fluids than usual you look how much at the bottom let it stand in advance I boiled separately some rice in salted water my rice is cold shift in capacity is more where we will mix all refueling here I send a little sugar literally sex a teaspoonful and 6 percentage apple vinegar is also teaspoonful a spoonful of a little pepper mix leave empty
  • 05:35: surrender impregnated sugar and vinegar more by the way forgot literally two teahouses spoons of mayonnaise here that's how we mix it so everyone got in the way. now we set aside cut fish fillets herrings need chop very very small then buy either already ready-made fillets or bar will make slightly salted fish in overall, the smaller you are can chop The herring, the better I am then rub with a knife
  • 06:06: all the fillets when I cut onion parsley or dill need to cut finely [music] so now this is it together with fish we send the crisis all is well I want to mix say that if we doing for some festive table and right here will be the most loved then you can instead of herring use a red
  • 06:36: fish will also very very delicious just more expensive at what side do on the mask with one side of a pancake Here you can see spices and greens and on the other we will wrap up here in this one this beauty up well me so much more so start with I mean hotness say so much juice ok now here beet and smear do not need too
  • 07:07: thick layer it do like this take the knife a little and smear thin the city is old tighten tightly in such a tube look what beautiful straw turned out spices and greens are visible this is abruptly postponed do not need them right away they need to be cut defer now we make fish stuffing the same This
  • 07:37: toppings with rice a thick layer of need here so thin layer is distributed if you cut the fish it will be very inconvenient wrap up therefore visit a well fish and also densely wrap the pancake in this way roll up all the pancakes how now we cut look how look in section make them so a bit long to lie awkward
  • 08:07: lay out on the dish for feed, see how beautifully bright green as looks nice perry we cut there where red is with us beets looks like this it turns out this beauty is contrast when i saw the picture I just could not resist and decided to cook we serve everything on plates
  • 08:37: decorated with verdure if not left parsley and dill lettuce leaves just with parsley dill, but somehow beautiful and inside us is also green that's so beautiful looks like above the pancakes here show please the operator is right here from above see and pepper and greens at first not even it is quite clear what it's a pancake look at the red option with a fool not it's even clear right away what is this pancake then there is a need look closely if here you are
  • 09:07: put on the table all immediately ask about the fuss is but it is very a tasty snack it turns out a lot she really does not Dear Ann piquant unusual Well, in general, this is stealing mine so brightly and it turned out beautifully and most importantly this the truth is very tasty I want to say that to me likes more than anything with a fool about mine and dima like with rice and fish more well on taste and color as therefore, two option for each you can choose what do I want more I want to say that
  • 09:37: same as it's cool and you can do with the addition of cheese herring can be replace with red fish will be in general and doroguschy snack Well here the taste and color of everything try to start with elevator but in the first place I want to say that here this option with rice with rice and fish it is more dense look it more dense and here it is keeps shape well he will not have you nowhere to disintegrate See, here he is keeps shape well This is delicious
  • 10:08: such knowledge is about Herring under a Fur Coat why is this mine first reaction which here I am remembered this herring large number because that there is a Buryak nearby I want to tell the chris and except I personally do not missing any sauce for example creamy or mayonnaise Well this is my personal self they are very impressed delicious but if you add more mayonnaise that we do not were juicy they did not will be so good keep in shape another option is that here can be added to
  • 10:38: juiciness but this lover common onion under marinade it in vinegar and add here here together with green onions and will be urgently now the dough with beets they are also good keep the form but not as good as those with rice though they are plosive they they can not flow really lie in fridge several days will flow look good here lies the beetroot now try means options
  • 11:10: light and more juicy he is more easy because here here there is no rice and it is more easy therefore two I think that they should not always go in tandem so much easier option and more such on find then to sit down and eat there reefs and fish and all together and those and those very delicious I love more more easy option is like this storm more to me like necessarily prepare try to make to festive table would just like that output means and
  • 11:40: sit thank you for that today were with me put a husky subscribe to channel cook a lot tasty yet