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We cut a dress on slanting with a lacy sleeve part 1 I Do myself a dress to birthday. Let's cut on slanting, sleeves will be lacy, a cut from crepe de Chine the Course of a cut of system of 10 measures http:\/\/\/10_merok\/...  See details »



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  • 00:00: Dress cut to oblique today Our theme is very much received a cable and infinitely you write and please write show as Craig Dress by oblique but Today circumstances change already heavily crushed because on Friday this week I birthday and today is Monday It does not mean anything to do and so I decided to make silk dress with a scythe lace sleeves We will be with you to tailor I will gather all your and to tell days will show you video things ready in our fashion house just show what we is here and we
  • 00:30: Remove the blouse lace and on the wrong side We will show you how but so processed lace you saw the technological the process does not work well at least result in a the work we do to this will approach that you think noticed that we do not jacket we kroili with you marvel Paris one-piece sleeve under extreme sideways Raglan rolling in flirt That's how he got me It comes in handy on work this jacket I think that is very many have We considered this region Now this land that
  • 01:01: Now I one-piece sleeve a prisoner sidled we many more with you will be working therefore a cut and now return our dress well a little bit holiday dress so it is very simple shapes as though I I do not like such strong very wise form at these dresses then how would you know what they wear here is Dress any one decoration for me it is very important watch a not quite so cut boat and you see here is a wide
  • 01:31: just very small shoulder inflated head lace sleeves it slightly until the layer they will be widely waiting very long behind by going back seam given that this Still fabric Black crepe de chine it we will have that is, two-layer together place lining will the second layer of the I travel of the material oracal here are lace you have a chance to see part in the work and see the end of the week Which dress it all starts with my you are out of the corner of eternal
  • 02:02: system ten yardsticks we are now removed a little bit so I her length and perry Now translated prepare and shelf back and be already preparing the pattern specifically here this Dress specifically here it's our dress decrees Now we will make changes oh how I want to everyone understood that base curve is not some thing is just basic framework cries that lies precisely through the body, and Prime's It passes just below
  • 02:33: hand and it's exactly exactly on the body but I think that in such a clothes well, how little these fans there go so we make changes then, and and change under every thing in its I beg you to be closely my actions because now we working shoulder darts, etc. transfer the breastplate tuck a little so here naiskosochek here breastplate tuck all yet we can be have we down slightly open but very little significantly to reduce the amount
  • 03:03: look see laid shoulders together and shoot back why shoot back because that tuck ignored when you shoot any back no way shoot here where fold is already armhole You have the right to withdraw only here
  • 03:33: note that I am now align shoulders Here the distance I'm just not cut out Tuck removed from the edge there Shakur and display news from He believes to tuck and centimeter centimeter three and a half remove the neck here see too much it is not necessary to open because all fall
  • 04:03: still pay attention to how convenient clean up while you never go wrong Now back here shelf here and so remove no little more than we need away here and so and back slightly Now we are opening you have worked But our shoulders
  • 04:40: Now with these hangers centimeters three and a half shoot for increase in head sleeves and we with you Here are a hanger Now back here please shelf attention here here our shoulder seams You see little here they are so now I have them I left all remember We are watching the hands which is not so easy
  • 05:10: as now seems we it will do from this point where we shoot, we shoulder we see absolutely a straight line without all that's here goes Rovno exactly-exactly equal and it so here goes so here it is It was flat in this site writing before not back armhole deepen because until he edge layer and so writing to 100 very accurate try
  • 05:46: give you all here our items are We'll be with you connecting sleeve Our shelf rest ready not so much we had here recall work hand in the current from the center as raglan as hands overpriced head here Here centimeter or 1 and 2 so here we remove but
  • 06:16: when we remove him the cut exactly like a stick at line but our line see it here this is our time Now knit little so that's a little soft in the direction you see I Now I removed the dart surplus because we do not need here landing is our wing arm's attach our from the back part now I'm back carve prices sleeve to not suffered a hundred times
  • 06:46: He told how connect to here disconnect here we have put together to our solutions equally diverged in both the parties can not right now I show you here and so can not connect what all here and it opened Now here it is impossible connect to here all opened but So seredinochku combined and smooth Both parties are now this sleeve we are
  • 07:18: prorisuem on a thorn We translate and make aim for the hands to you We understand our sleeve approximately at 47 centimeters long It is a little like three-quarters so I'm from here take minutes Now here's the top about here So look I carefully I translate You see here
  • 07:56: some corners you nothing you need to you need smoothly around and come here to this point centimeter to take a little wider here as accurately I chose this corpses their garbage is not here is my sleeve that I
  • 08:27: newly built look at 3 Now these centimeters tops the place where we you started here to our natural well, a little sleeve Now here a little a little bit here and so It can be done but you can not do a little bit here in this place to q sleeve freedoms we perfectly straight the sketch seen
  • 08:57: straight so those lines go like this Now it down cut very complex topic she thinks that you manage because not the first time we We do it carefully monitors already likely constructed shelf ready to back
  • 09:28: willing hands ready Now let's start from the very the main cut on oblique back shelf display and the sleeve and lace hope that you I on Friday in this Dress see today I show you how correctly lay out fabric to cut
  • 09:59: on the bias here we had a in front of the front part try to do always smooth lines here is our wing arm and here this part here and so will come to lie you see on a hanger
  • 10:29: built here is our I sketch everything about He told here our sleeve inflated head to see it inflated head on a smaller us hanger is retracted into the side is our spinochka that We will be cut on the bias and here it is again flared in We spinochka is our shelf that we are now We do with shelf slightly reduce Here the tuck why in order to reduced here volume but who is really there
  • 10:59: He likes much right on the length of any one not please I love so here on the eye still on and affect slightly I open here on resurrection Look, I cut from below and here so little opening a little opening here down here because Dress care this will slightly Shirkova tyunka I want make it at the expense of Now that I'm a little I reduce here the amount of skew and taxis will form a good shelf back sketch sleeve
  • 11:32: I have already told you that here we will black crepe de Chine's it's black crepe de chine I have been where I am Shaft boats passed humid heat here such processing Now black crepe de chine Chick natural silk So he does not have across and almost reaches the minimum barely, and not along It stretches more here
  • 12:02: so that's absolutely unachievable crepe de chine, see he obliquely chic will lie I have already said that given that crepe de thin tires and still This autumn I the dress will be like this Well, how would double dress on a dress here so for the gravity of the In order not all there sticks out our charms so here the double we will have silk double dress and it's such lace sleeves lace sleeves with violet monastery that I I showed you today I imagined myself doing
  • 12:32: whose words are a gift of the day Birthday make a left here are the same arm I will have sleeves lace overpriced black head court shoes I will wear and I think that's a dresses with black the shuttles will be me very well in Friday is my day Birth of course I do not can handle very busy will help me with his scribbling and when I will make you show-downs all there wrenched I will show you all treatment to you seen at least
  • 13:02: today we are and I'll Show all preparatory on the preparation of the work Traces of blood lesson we have with you it has carved out a wish you be diverse It does not look like themselves on yourself every day they do not grow old succumb to age take care of yourself look beautiful yes all the best to you today we have Paukštė Irina M. and hawks Alexey