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Poppy from the tape Master class \/ Brooch and Hairpin \/ Kanzashi by Kulikova  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my call anastasia kulikov in this video I will show the lesson simple way creating a poppy from satin ribbon on -based brooch hairpin to start create sketches of petals for this draw 6 circles with Circle first circle about four seconds half of 5 centimeters in diameter each following doing at 35 millimeters less previous 5 i did too small therefore added 6 more amount between
  • 00:30: fourth and fifth cut out these are my Sketches we apply each petal to the client and or satin fabric and cut out now singles edge
  • 01:17: of the petals above the candle the rounded effect tips but not get carried away flip over blanking imagine and spend the over a candle do it you need to quickly avoid burning edges of the petal and
  • 01:49: and these add the petals
  • 02:19: at each other starting from the largest and fix the middle a needle with a thread in a tone tape and I have and
  • 02:50: in the center we squeeze out from a syringe polymeric glue pouring beads black and hands form middle allow to dry 15-20 minutes but
  • 03:43: Here is a magician from me turned out to be similar or no, write to comments glue the substrate brooch with one flower from laces in the same way
  • 04:29: glue a flower Hairpins this and thank you all for
  • 05:14: view and attention to my channel I propose to visit my author's site where there is a photo gallery my work thank you for visit see you soon in new videos while by