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  • 00:00: [music] where as himself make braids for jacket or dress Today's Chanel our topic because as much as we you show things Chanel and video reviews show ready things and I thought that already you a long time ago showed how to do letter but we it turns out and not showed and here Today we are ready show as make by yourself braid from fabric Chanel have this called shaggy just fuck mother finally finished to sew my coral
  • 00:30: I already did the dress video for the finished product and now with peace of mind can him to go to me at beautiful mood so I I work with pleasure now you will show how manufacture this braid but we have it with you that's how to come up with it do not come up with to do while worth Cut the fabric was now all show in detail but there still set exists options of course me very much like when then he squeezed into this one beads stitched rows or there bugles or chains gold silver and in these chains then
  • 01:00: threaded through the same torn chiffon strip but this chain chiffon we'll show more future videos for now we just you show how make by yourself ribbon-like before us a piece fabrics are light alexandrovna will help us the tissues need to be cut off precisely on the skew 45 degrees to the main fabrics width of strip width strips 4 centimeters
  • 01:30: we need two such strips well and when you take it to you need with strips go there on half a meter is exactly yes more to take tissues than usual on a skirt and jacket because while the layer a everyone wants strips these many all want and on the bottom of the skirt and on the bottom dress and neckline and on the sleeves and everywhere everywhere on the dress and on jacket therefore have always in mind that you should buy more fabrics now Svetlana
  • 02:02: Alexandrovna under 45 degrees to the main threads measures two strips of 4 centimeter and now we will cut them now we cut out by show can not be cut a bit crooked just a little bit under 45 degrees they then do not you will get
  • 02:32: we already do these shaggy chic what just do not do well here are our two stripes is ours such a cloth is a point under chanel see here such here is any chanel structure fabrics the first strip on there will be a person and reverse side and down face Upstairs and 2 on it for sure so here are two oblique strips under 45 degrees well and you will harness
  • 03:03: us girls and prepare there for several meters and center with a dead friend with friend and that's when we already finish of course we will show you how procure tesemochku and you are inside manually sew beads some there are pearls of pearls very beautiful chain conversations to us but chains of not
  • 03:34: we process chiffon we you still show until nothing complicated see the two strips under 45 degrees they are like that nothing moves can not stretch and swept in the middle our two stripes both face upwards they are now going to sewing machine note that we have a center center here this our future love mother here about honey he thread and now with one
  • 04:10: hand and sew along this line and another side back too we will sew into the house with another one parties, as it were, in the middle we will have two lines but not stretch before we pasted there some but very rough with sizing and not do with sizing me machine seam everything keeps because sampe jeff already duplicated and more plus my sizing these are our blanks 2 strings is centered
  • 04:46: per millimeter 5 one from the other there is how much you will want to delete our for a moment and now after we have prepared our Now the template for future shaggy you everyone saw it done now need have patience and patiently everything is like this Here's a break and how to break the light will show on the table here so rasporyvatel them or something sharp rasporyvatel them very good first one layer and then the second layer
  • 05:19: of course it's two we have this layer is called 2d and when shook and this is ours is called 3d then they turn out straight shaggy as fur and you will choose one or two layer will do or 300 you will be do as well as decorate the center, we still in one version, I already as though she told me you can beads to sew and I'll show you later future as a chain make us very beautifully done with
  • 05:52: the purpose of gold and untreated chiffon strip through the steppe and spend very beautifully obtained this middle we you show such our personal development because no matter how no one knows how to do it and by experimenting came first did then learned do while your first glued middle there then and there so we empirically came to the fact that we this way learned these shaggy do just get patience
  • 06:23: nothing complicated here no any cloth here so here I ask collapses oblique and by oblique when she it turns out here more such you see what fluffy yes because by share there one way one thread goes other parties others we tried them superimpose 1 on the bottom in a different direction thread is not very much and here so while you make your own you will get make a small fingers and left and
  • 06:53: even simply process the neck and sleeves or neck and two pocket and there according to our a few beads and you straight shannel shanel and also on how much is the dress from the chanel and so straight will be strongly I rejoice so greatly rejoice from the fact that I have chanel dress such a blue organza you all have seen and here I am in my dress blue with this with organza and such
  • 07:23: valve valve a me there all the beads followed the cake in shop and there are four there are two queues I spit and I stand and strain saleswoman what you are I must marry to go out I like the yahunas as much as would marry late come out but someone from the queue says and we have it 75 years of marriage was they do not feel there what will be then rude early and so it's all right there participated and all spoke early there me or late me and everyone knew everything see what it means walk beautiful
  • 07:54: dresses self development only three people I had fun laughed at the Turkish how did they go amused note not only what is needed all by strings dismantle these and these which are plump from the thread of theirs too should be disassembled at such are the fluffy glasses and Such a beauty the braid is already wider is thicker than this already you will we choose you
  • 08:24: we show the principle and after this we'll do everything take the scissors and align these here all the ends of which brazenly got out and have become longer excellent here is our handbag see which beautiful like this slightly align
  • 08:57: these are all unevenness is removed for account of what we have two lines in the middle, look as the middle is held in the same lines you will pester
  • 09:27: sometimes sewing manually to the product braid but more often on and so on and so on. it depends from the situation thank you, Svetlana alexandrovna is things that are included in fashion is things which go out but chanel long-long-long in water once learn how to do it and long-long-long will look like fashionable modern chic all good with you were We are encouraged mihaylovna and plums alexey svetlana Alexandrovna Yes thank you [music]