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Super way to make hands young and well-groomed  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon mine favorite viewers today I will show the full care of handles they were beautiful and gentle did not give my age with me very dry hands skin Well, you probably know skin on hands is very thin and sensitive and very quickly fading well, or also affect
  • 00:30: negative factors and we will do so will do such a course to hands looked young this is a whole complex I will show how rejuvenate restore and relieve the fatigue of our hands friends if you are looking for a drink in my channel advise subscribe after how you subscribed Do not forget to click on bell you can fuck about the exit new videos 1 will do anti-aging
  • 01:01: bath for hands it is done 57 minutes and we need such Ingredients almost hot water well that is comfortable for hands cinnamon essential oil lemon soda and lemon lemon can be taken here such or squeezed out one lemon and the same I take these here pebbles with their very convenient to do massage first thing in water must be squeezed out juice or from one
  • 01:31: lemon or like me concentrate I take one tablespoon It's enough such an amount of water here somewhere around liter of water a few drops essential oil of lemon somewhere three four five so baking soda for the tip of the knife and you will need a little cinnamon and
  • 02:01: so many will be sufficient add pebbles it for self-massage respect the hands of what kicks you are not represent and [applause] just play [applause] stones You can just keep
  • 02:32: keep 5-7 minutes you can 10 but the rings in front of how to do these procedures are desirable take off do not think about anything relax we think about the sea close eyes and just we rest after that how was it somewhere 7 We will do other hand procedure do not lubricate anything do nothing
  • 03:02: just now prepare the following Ingredients next stage it is obligatory peeling us will need coconut oil oil essential oil of tea wood and sea ​​salt on the fate of which will prepare add two tablespoons sea ​​salt 1 tablespoon softened
  • 03:32: coconut oil and 1 2 drops of tea oil wood mix our mixture and will do or you can start doing wrist peeling with your fingertip [music] after I
  • 04:10: made diapers I just wetting a lot of water but tidy not much and wipe slightly any a napkin on and the last thing i will be do this mask it it is necessary excellent anti-aging mask for the hands of us need an egg yolk and lemon juice and oil butter can be use as I do pine nuts can use
  • 04:40: olive take only yolk whisk yolk one teaspoonful oil and several drops of lemon juice you can use and fresh lemon all stir again and can be worn back I prepared
  • 05:13: gloves gloves can be used such a blow to one can be used or the Ch'ing which you have a abundantly abundantly straight we apply not regretting and put on gloves left the mixture on
  • 05:52: lithium here [music] distribute the main that the gloves were waterproof and leave the minutes for
  • 06:25: fifteen passed already 15 minutes even likely the more I am so I rested well I do it roughly once a week, give end of the week now remove our prints and just rinse hands warm water than we spa at home I think your hands exactly appreciated
  • 06:56: will appreciate these spa treatments also knows how about you such a request write me you are welcome Whether you enjoy in home conditions paraffin mask how is she to you did you get you Do not do It may be turned did in the salon to everyone thankful in advance all around thank you for attention and up to the next meetings