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UNIVERSAL YEAST DOUGH! For pies, pies, belyashes and pizza  See details »




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  • 00:00: [music] Hello, hello to you on the channel of buns buns Today we will cook with you very much simple and yeast dough for pies pies of belaya go for pizza from simple ingredients sour milk dry yeast we need sunflower oil sugar well actually flour 4 5 glasses so let's start the recipe very simple starts instantly literally 5 minutes pour out the dry yeast flour mix together with flour add
  • 00:33: here the salt is a half teaspoon of sugar 2 tablespoons stir then do groove in flour and so we add Here you can take sour milk kefir you need to take plain plain milk take care that there are refrigerators recipe dough is versatile and oil sunflower two three tablespoons for what I said 4 5 glasses of flour will be look for consistency if there is
  • 01:04: dough sticky and liquid add more flour plus me here are 4 cups + 1 The glass still remains stirred first with a spoon we knead the dough You can sprinkle a little more The rest of the flour will be left to work with test dough I kneaded here about so much dough came out of it I took four ingredients with half a glass of flour that's so much I still have flour left cups now cover with a towel and let stand 2
  • 01:35: hours in a warm place will work with and so it's been two hours I'll show you what kind of dough we got here such a lush dough turns out to be suitable for pies and pies for white pizza any for any patties fried in fryer please can use this year in the type of our prescription subscribe to our channel buns cheesecake until new meetings so far Here are the patties we got from dough in the universal for pies delicious we baked this time cabbage and you
  • 02:05: can with any filling a pleasant appetite for now