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How to prepare vegetable marrows in an oven - quickly, simply and very tasty! In the Greek style  See details »

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  • 00:00: sour juicy yoghurt tajiki I have in view of the sauce of course, and this one Crispy Crispy Squash Sticks cool I liked all the greetings This project is another kitchen with you I aviary I suggest the season of courgettes open today we will cook zucchini in Greek style will get something interesting to us You need half a kilo of zucchini me 2 things nuts 5-6 pieces from me almonds 100 grams of hard cheese half a spoonful of smoked paprika 2 eggs
  • 00:31: 1 teaspoon biscuit salt and pepper on taste chopped squash here like this lobules here at me seredinku already such soft and well, I yu d du well, too, already can be a little bit slightly better to take of course very young zucchini Then the soft skin can be cut first in half then again, and so on.
  • 01:02: at first now of course zucchini all such hybrid they are very few simeons give but all the same we cut the displacement by moving sprinkle our zucchini with salt you need even a sea salt and give stand for 10 minutes 20 to spare glass liquid We also need a tzatzik sauce that we now will
  • 01:33: I took for him Greek yogurt I took a thick Greek yogurt parsley bark can be replaced with lemon one small cucumber 1 tablespoon olive oil salt black pepper and one or two cloves of garlic I have a young cucumber, but I do not care a little fresh so the skin not completely and partly Cucumber on a small grater I took this non-woven towel even more napkin they are sold by roll in any
  • 02:04: Supermarket collect cucumber and like this him squeeze is not straight but without fanaticism is not completely dehydrates but strong enough we squeeze out that the superfluous liquid has left and send the cucumber to yogurt here send the olive oil to what beauty black pepper salt parsley finely cut in general of course it's better to take
  • 02:40: mint for such a sauce but I honestly I think that my family will not eat crumpled all the same for us it is more such a dessert and I'm grass more dessert weed so where are we sending the shreds? line and half lime juice is sent as it is all smells like it's tasty and fragrant all
  • 03:11: my friends well mix the sauce ready to stand by him at night 20 minutes just we will cook our zucchini now I tried and understood that I forgot garlic is added and now ready to start shredding nuts mix nuts with black pepper [music]
  • 03:48: a pinch of salt, well, well, friends. my on this is the number of zucchini which I already see right now that breadcrumb is catastrophically small so I at your own risk and on experiment and add a couple spoons of flour I will add the key here amaranth flour I I thought that you can safely add any another flour 2 and a half now here it is it will be fine and marat it I flour it such here you know a little has
  • 04:21: nutty aftertaste so I think here it will be great I'm here when dry mixture is ready to add grated cheese and all mixed up and that's such a wonderful we made a plan with an easy smoked flavor I already washed eggs of zucchini from salt and lightly dry on a towel now that we do we take the tavern
  • 04:51: it in the egg and send it in breading bread-and-butter and send to a sheet of parchment It is necessary that after all the breading of the plate and repeat this with each piece breading very well stick I think that with flour all the same I guessed send our sticks to the oven and
  • 05:21: we will bake at 220 degrees about 20 minutes are such We did not get the sticks from us . baked 30 minutes maybe this feature of my oven now carefully remove all these enough it's easy, that's our zucchini and ready turned out very tasty probably the sauce made it more liquid not began to take a thick yogurt you need to look at what's inside very much
  • 05:53: juicy zucchini outside crunchy smoked note and light such here I do not even know how to say cheese there with a light cheese crust of course very tasty turned zucchini to me I liked that I think that lovers mayonnaise lovers of mayonnaise do not want this one here some mayonnaise and arrows can replace it with mayonnaise sauce and will everything is great and so very interesting such a bright snack sour juicy
  • 06:23: yoghurt tajiki I mean sauce of course and this crunchy crunchy squash sticks fun to me I liked it but all the friends I'm with you say goodbye it was a different kitchen project all the best for now [music]