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Cheesecake without Pastries in 15 minutes. Quickly, Tasty and Simply!  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome to channel tasty corner today I will cook here is such a simple but delicious cake without baking products that you will need to see on the screen so let's get started need to soak gelatin in two different containers in my one sachet 10 gram add to 70 grams water is good mix and leave for swelling more chop the cookies in crumbs by any convenient for you I am this way
  • 00:30: I do with such a chopper pour into a container add 100 grams melted butter and mix well here look must this is here's a wet little baby now I took the ring from split form diameter 22 centimeter I turn it over other party and put on a dish here spread out crumbs
  • 01:00: evenly distribute and well I am tampering with this will be use here such a dribble for puree and yet prepared by basis in fridge prepare curd cheese mass in capacity we spread cottage cheese I took home should be tasty and lenry nickname 400 grams good oily sour cream than fat the better I have 20 percent 150 grams sugar and now I will
  • 01:31: go to homogeneous mass such a submersible blender if you have there is no such blender then you need pores to grate then add all other components just mix it up with a spoon here look here this homogeneous mass should turn out for now we set it aside in aside further we take berries at me 300 grams of black currants but in principle, one can take any berries that do you want to
  • 02:01: which you love pour out a glass tasty to add sugar that is the amount depends on how acidic important year i will add 3 tablespoons we interrupt this all in puree with blender or chopper and then grind in order to get rid of ossicles if you use apricot peach cherry where there are no these small bones then
  • 02:31: do not need to grind or if you I do not interfere with bones then this process You can also skip ready to try it if you still sour then this stage you can add sugar well you do not forget that in cottage cheese mass too there is sugar and now add here about 1 3 curd mass so that both bridges on approximately the same and mix well with this time gelatin
  • 03:01: already on 2 see what he is now his it is necessary to melt you can do it on water bath or I'll have a microwave oven microwave for this I will put him at a power of 450 watts for about 15 seconds and each 5 seconds will be get it and it's good stir here such he turns out watch it because that he is in no way case can not be given boil and now a thin trickle pour this gelatin in the curd mass and mix well 2 gelatin I also
  • 03:35: melted it now I pour in a little mix well It is necessary to work quickly because the mass freeze and now on middle of the cake pour out 4 dining rooms spoons alternating with ours cottage cheese you see nothing do not mix she will be there herself be distributed like this how he needs it like this I got it and
  • 04:06: now i'm taking toothpick do divorces 4 from the center and 4 center all the cake is ready and now put it in refrigerator before full congealing this is approximately 45 hours for I was frozen in this Now I neatly I walk a knife along the edge form and remove the form clearly have a little cake
  • 04:37: red now i I will cut and show you what did you just look what a beauty the cake turned out just cooking and it can be cook with any berries and fruits and winter can be used frozen or canned