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  • 00:00: Hello everyone and this is another kitchen project and with you, I am Alexandra friends is happy to see you Today in support of our Olympians we prepare reptiles in Korean more correctly squid in Korean Let our will be easier for us will be tastier to drive so for recipe we need squid I have them washed washed here 500 grams 2 carrots and vegetable oil dining room spoon sugar a teaspoon full here me vinegar 9 percent wine 2 five spoonfuls of cold spoons
  • 00:33: water salt to taste we take 3 cloves garlic and here the friends mix of me paprika teaspoon black pepper very fragrant and ground coriander first of all we will rub carrots on the Korean grater here is such a solo point we must get the carrots sent to the cup carefully snip here and a good sugar a pinch of salt
  • 01:03: all mix and let carrot stand softly will give juice well Shorter will be ready now friends prepare calamari We use our usual method in boiling water I send a couple of laurels leaves of slightly fragrant pepper half a spoonful of salt so the water is added to the maximum and a teaspoon of the mixture for cooking fish
  • 01:34: let's boil this kind of brine for a minute two that he boiled and in the finished brine send one squid Directly one at a time and as soon as it boils consider up to 10 for small squid small and up to 15 seconds for these a little more so squid turns out very tender they have cooled down and in some places removed more film and now that's it.
  • 02:06: cut the straw look friends what soft carrot we got so now I have it here so here it is how much juice seen the beauty all super here here now kalmarchiki gentle in preheated add garlic oil I squeezed it Through the press and literally in 10 seconds as soon as he adds it
  • 02:38: Our spices were added mixed and turn off and all this beauty poured out on carrot with squid 3m on top of jacket aroma this fragrance of a sleeper will wake chic and now everything is fine stir we add vinegar and prepared water is once again good mix and let us brew on
  • 03:09: how much effort is enough but at least half an hour now it's all marinated impregnated mixed at this stage, be sure to try on salt if you need to add my friends, but salad turned out very very tender in this recipe is very much so touchingly so I will say squid not to interrupt their taste carrot all the spices are all right all this is so sincerely and very very juicy
  • 03:42: and fragrant and generally cool this recipe we adore we have a family therefore I share with you be sure to cook and invite to visit we will try to salt I was glad to cook with you all kind eat wonderful dishes and Stay with us we will be friends with the kitchens until [music]