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  • 00:00: Here comes autumn hello with you artist alexander belyaev Today we are drawing autumn landscape for many it's a couple despondency of the slush of rain but a true artist can not pass by
  • 00:30: autumn and it is in this time in this short interval time violent color the whole color palette finally gone homogeneous green mass and all Trees acquire perfectly various nuances
  • 01:00: even the trees of one breeds can all equals color in its mass behind these amazing very it is interesting to observe and notice every year something new in my my city is favorite places where I I know at what time what tree will be
  • 01:31: have its own inimitable shade here I am now I put on a hat tree immediately mix on a sheet of paper yellow reddish brown green violet first show total weight tree then the total mass hats and then do several strokes in Brush Separate Caps foliage to show
  • 02:02: its volume on the lips of the distant plan at once leaf surfaces mix and purple and blue and dirty green in general in the autumn palette very hard to do error we are working on almost all flowers You just need to understand general color scheme
  • 02:34: I draw a landscape imago keep then work free work is slow here the video is accelerated all movements seem lightning fast but really now for the window is raining I I sit and slowly write this landscape when you
  • 03:05: will be browsing this is the second video once turn off the sound and already can be better understand how all the nuances of this work how is it performed sequence action today I did this observation that the trunks trees looks large dark mass
  • 03:35: on which are planted bright foliage caps they practically do not have volume the goal is I make different amendments but now you can see piece of video one minute in real time and make sure what in fact
  • 04:06: work is very slowly clarified different nuances and literally some kind of. some kind of a drop of color contributes its uniqueness in this work I try everything represent from of course look in window and watch
  • 04:36: nature Now I'm doing groups of fallen leaves who are nailed to the edges of the track first instills them wind then they get wet and remain with edges hillocks at the edges asphalt now I try to show surface wet asphalt and now I prescribe small parts this is the final
  • 05:07: stage of work which full of various small nuances you can see something what did we get rich palette of autumn but all lovers I'm painting with pleasure invite subscribe to
  • 05:38: free course on link that you see below me thank you for attention with you was artist alexander zhiliaev all you kind