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How to Make External Slopes of Polyfoam. Outflow installation.  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the best from you novel channel redecoration as promised today show how make slopes from polystyrene on land and before you start video I would like to you recommend Andrew's Channel Rudnicki on the canal you will find videos like himself repair or do for example septic tank compressor from refrigerator for pumping of wheels and a lot other interesting do not forget the video subscribe to Andrew's Channel link to a channel in description of this video as seen when
  • 00:30: foam sticker I styrofoam did not do with a window a made a few a window for me now could size up and crop excess in order to make slopes smoothly or deployed as you like me personally I make slopes I'm deployed today show how I make them first thing i want note on foam plastic here on wall where I have window ends in order for this I 'll make it through foam on chewing gum so that the angular I could pass a little further on
  • 01:00: so I cut and I establish gon on the edge of the window I can see and mark on a foam immediately from this the mark here here a straight shaft is obtained I love the slopes deployed so I 3 centimeters
  • 01:30: retreat 123 I put the second in the same way I come from above and also immediately cut through up installed gon to the edge of the window the window is mine
  • 02:01: set by level so you can not check and add 3 centimeter as well I make them up the square You can still put and will not try Does the wall interfere?
  • 02:32: unfold so the slope and here these here where noted three centimeter note this line for in order to trim surplus foam also do on top with
  • 03:08: left side when we trace line on which I will cut off you can again look at the level only in order to test yourself like noted near the window and in one can see if the window is yours not exactly the same mark the last
  • 03:40: angle last I contour Nibiru cut line knife point cutting off surplus foam with the bottom I do not cut it a bit because I do not from below there is a cut window
  • 04:47: ready evenly equally from all parties from above and parties and now I will post and cut off presented self ebb plastic this one part comes to us under the window thickness low tide occupies 8 millimeters therefore from the bottom of the window We need at least for one centimeter so that water which falls
  • 05:17: it flowed with the tide then when I measure from the bottom of the window I add 1 centimeter and 8 millimeters 18 but one centimeter can there will be and will be and many but I think it will be ok, so I here I omit not three centimeter and 18 millimeters cut with a hacksaw so to become gon to the bottom of the window here if I do not
  • 05:47: it is seen that I check with my finger at touch put a tag and add so 18 years and also with the other side here connection with the fact that the clip is necessary set perfect evenly but I could be wrong when measured all the same marker wide wide
  • 06:17: check the level and cut off excess cut and now
  • 06:50: reflux simply insert I will check whether slope slope yes can be cast install here too if you look there is unevenness dust is holes so here all is well wetted water we do not regret and fill all the voids glue here such here way if somewhere
  • 07:21: polystyrene foam then you can give the styrofoam is like this good to the window I fill with glue that The moisture under the window is not there was no God willing, there will be get water there will be cheese and slopes here so that's good filled crows to Water is nowhere to be found fell and especially draw attention to do not forget the corners
  • 07:51: fill in and can install The windowsill is here for that his press impose such heaps of glue there in the middle of the glue should be done on guests if show the windowsill itself here it is plastic such a curve therefore it is necessary it is good to apply glue in order for it due to the fact that a lot the glue was able to snuggle up completely dense as but here the frame itself even a little the curve is a little bit here by 2 millimeters there is but will
  • 08:21: press on the maximum like this I'm throwing more here it turns out as the foam is cut off by level so I establish the basin
  • 08:52: wrap up there I put it outside the window and I press simply and the main thing that he snuggled against the frame and here he became polystyrene foam will be set by level plus what a lot of glue this one will bring this screw low tide should we align the son check the rules it is clear that he himself cast before installation cut to size in order to get to the center and the side came out equally the sides of me measured
  • 09:23: equally the only thing had here right here here's a slaughter because that here napayki is there was his it's just real now but melted it was unrealistic there clear so I he stabbed a little and established in such this fashion engages by the window I get there Ufa and see here from already clings to the window is simple here too put the rule
  • 09:55: after to cast the plane has risen slight inclination finishes the ebb was plane tilt is visually unimportant absolutely 2 millimeter here tilt or three or half a centimeter excess glue which It was necessary withdraw if available clearances what to fill
  • 10:25: glue and want to note see here the glue in I gave a special angle gave him a little more his surplus The excess can be removed sponge wet and yes obligatory here also fill with glue here want polystyrene I will go upstairs I do but to water there did not get there be sure fill with glue to there were no voids
  • 10:55: low tide installed you can now slope I'll try of course remove begins darken but start work with the top slope in principle technology that lateral that the upper same start from the top why from the top for that the foam pressed a little up the thread so it turned out for me
  • 11:48: peel off plus looked out the sun is right here that's when I I establish polystyrene on it in density is not is adjacent and a gap is obtained such a small so just a little bit here here I shoot I chamfer the facet Here this one is a crust very easy to remove Well, to become here now so here I know on how many degrees slightly
  • 12:18: slightly obliquely and already polystyrene foam is ours will be here here here densely populated good glue omit all emptiness the sun probably prevents you from taking pictures so here well missed on
  • 12:56: polystyrene foam on it so much glue there is a good cuddle it's dense here polystyrene and check under the basically check the plane is already here vertical is simply well jumped and here live show if with on mushrooms remain understandable because pins pulled them out can also be cut off and Here and so to fix
  • 13:26: this foam leave them there forever and do not regret because the foam tenfold in principle here the glue used which goes for grids therefore I give more pins for good kept here I want to draw attention I am styrofoam made with a ledge and
  • 13:57: I'll cut it off already after the glue has dried had time, of course, to the onset of darkness reminiscent of incisions basic ways of years later after drying glue on this I have everything in the next video you show or triangles glue grid therefore if You liked the video put a husky leave comments
  • 14:27: by this you help development of the channel to all you good luck and good