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Mistakes in a make-up \/ As you Should not be painted | with Makeup Do's & Don'ts  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi guys today I want to show you somewhat frequent Makeup mistakes are how to avoid them mine advice watching so further on one face I will show how worth apply makeup she is different respectively as worth remembering guys there is nothing shameful in that to allow mistakes we are all on them I study to this day they are allowed and will be let down normal but not less I continue work on yourself and I see how thanks this every day I getting better and better in this case a means nothing prevents you well, well let's start faces makeup
  • 00:31: primer when it comes to primer many of We are waving and they say that and so come down on the very The primer is very even the right thing he smooths the skin tone contributes to the fact that in make-up kept longer smoothes out a also masks expanded pores plus but can be listed of course there is many different primers with different functions you simply you must choose the one that suits you for my dry skin I always choose driver that moisturizes well and contributes to that makeup to go to bed More equal to me is tone multiple tones darker or lighter
  • 01:01: I remember on some video once I said that for two tone is darker this is the most then Yes, I said that I she personally went through all these errors It is worth using tonal to tone her skin hernia itself over what she chose tonal basis too dark and would really like look tanned but to him happiness do not like this product and very often I enter without it so very few people saw my file if you are like me lover of the country Well, nothing is scary all equal to buy tonal basis for a complexion and already with using the browser and you can
  • 01:31: create a light tan which will look as if you fell face chris or are not child donald tramp worth putting shade concealer form of a triangle create an illusion taut skin also if you too much then not hurry to wipe an extra product can be send for ages an eye on how much he can serve excellent worker base on wall, that is, they will lie evenly and look much Brighter is not worth it concealer crescent shape it only worsen the situation once again will emphasize tired spouses under the eyes it is worth drawing a contour
  • 02:05: on cheekbones on natural line flat brush shade should be up and down started as lost do not put contour below the line cheekbones or make a line too thick or long already to the lips it looks simple ridiculous and at the end it will be difficult shade for always always give preference cool colors without all luminous particles without orange paton because we trying to imitate natural face shadows and we're not a vampire from twilight so that our
  • 02:35: shadows shone if desired, also you can highlight the school top and bottom for greater Contrast Today will not be particularly in detail about contouring of the whole face say but if you it's interesting to give I know maybe remove a separate video about it is worth obscure with a brush I begin slightly below the start eyebrows to tip The nose is not must be fully direct example i I love to do and already closer to the back of the nose a also next to wings are not worth it dimming large brush and the more so draw a wide line by the way than closer molts each
  • 03:05: a friend will already be look like a nose between them it is necessary brighten also does not stand for beyond drawn lines add more dark colors because this makes us even more and vice versa visually make us less is needed highlight parties to worsen situation can also give too much light concealer tip of what to do but with thick as a pig and a long
  • 03:35: as in jafar from aldadine night total highlighter on the center of the tip it is worth making for giving to a person the freshness of her natural shine do not put product on the whole eyebrow like lipstick on the lips it the surest way get ugly eyebrows also not worth it dorisovyvat tip eyebrows too down it makes a look tired unfortunate and to make enemies begin too clear is looks like unnatural emphasize eyebrows
  • 04:05: top and bottom on shaped brush does not reaching for it must be less clear than all the eyebrow more product clear you can blossom of visible gaps and for a more ideal the form of an eyebrow is circle color concealer your skin or a bit lighter important not overdo it and do line as far as possible Thinner otherwise this is the zone there will be a little bit of light and what will be very
  • 04:35: noticeable you photos especially with flash also for creating smoky effect the beginning of the eyebrow can lightly address remnants of shadows on brushes worth taking out light shade under
  • 05:05: brow and corporal color or color champagne is makes the look more open and visually raises an eyebrow for the day image better to use matte shadows are not worth it applied white and only the darker the color under the eyebrow is also than to inflict final dark color add somewhat transitional for smoother transition effect colors can be brown light orange and others are not dark Neutral colors do not It's worth wearing dark without any
  • 05:35: color transitions as see looks creepy inaccurately to tie all makeup eye is cause a little dark shade on the lower eyelid can to be the darkest shade and one of the transitional here already all for your discretion also can be fully combined these two for more interesting result and not overdo
  • 06:05: use very small brush is not should be applied to lower eyelid by black eye contour pencil does it the eye is smaller and at the end end you look as a pirate color by center of the century is wear such with a tassel she gives more pigmented the result is not worth it fluffy Tassel then shadows color and color will not be clear but to her the best thing does not shade Forget from the right brush very much darker colors are worth wearing with a small brush so that further easier to shade
  • 06:35: do not put dark colors especially black big brushes as you can see everything can easily come out out of control and add the same is always easier than to clean it is not necessary stretch the skin when draw the arrow it will not be like you expect as you see mine you are much shorter than it was supposed worth get used to not draw stretching the skin to to know for sure how future arrow will be look about mascara I can only say then what if you like
  • 07:05: tint snowballs that do not have It is worth touching them closer to internal corners of the eyes otherwise fold looks too heavy is not worth it do online pencil of another colors because this very old and how looks like hello from the 90's worth eagle circuit of the same colors like lipstick it looks more natural at this perhaps all I hope you have something it was interesting for something you have learned for yourself new stressed if this is so then not forget to put
  • 07:35: thumb up i am very tried very hard to this video and thanks you are very view