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How to clean phone from garbage and to accelerate its work  See details »

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  • 00:00: quite at home repair and can manage the channel screwdriver how to clean the phone from garbage remove viruses and accelerate its work in this video we we show the simplest and affordable tools with which you can really speed up android smartphone and present he is eternally young quite frequent problem in work
  • 00:30: operating system can be caused by excess of temporary files remnants of deleted programs and other garbage one more common the reason is infection viruses and advertising module, let's get started how to clean android-smartphone system tools if you do not want to use and no outsiders programs in fresh android versions available built-in function
  • 01:00: cleaning debris cleans she unfortunately far from everywhere but this better than nothing additional the value of this method in its safety so you do not delete anything necessary very often people come across which restore third-party programs and start mowing all what is proposed there well after a reboot your phone number converted or cripple or brick for cleaning android
  • 01:30: regular means need to open system settings and find section repository select internal device memory and You will see a list of available on smartphone content do this under item cache data and agree with their removal in pop-up window as a result, you free from weighting in the system junk your phone will be now work much faster and
  • 02:00: swifter [music] so let's move on to the next question how to clean the phone using the sd maid utility google play directory find many different cleaners by utility each of them food and very hot disputes and only efficiency do not cause without any doubts use utilities very simple after click on one large green
  • 02:30: button to scan and wait while I takes will search garbage in the system the program is effective find obsolete log reports on error debug files temporary files remnants of already deleted programs and all that already do not need to work android for garbage collection just click on the button run now advanced users can also go deeper into study additional functions heaves here there is an example or advanced file
  • 03:00: manager search for files and folders by name or by sea control established applications also control autostart heats up is cut down free version yes, there are also paid version so the utility will be serve you faithfully and the truth for many years and last question our video as protect your smartphone from viruses with 360 security software Existence
  • 03:33: viruses for devices running android already no one has is doubtful until there are not so many of them yet before the risk of contracting but still small and he there is a very time to think about means of protection almost all firms engaged in release of antiviruses already have mobile annexes however, most of they are offered for free of charge use only truncated version so it's better emphasize on antivirus 360 security
  • 04:04: gender factors full-featured version of which distributed by completely free immediately after installation program spend full scan device for availability malware after that you must enable antivirus monitor which will protect you in case of appearance New dangers in first of concerns those of users who love install programs from unverified sources of Besides
  • 04:35: directly antivirus in 360 security there are many additional useful functions of volume number of anti-thief lock and sms and calls monitoring data transfer restrictions on access to personal information I think that they too may be useful to you quite at home repair will help manage the channel screwdriver