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Delightful, VERY fast snack, having a snack with for work, on picnic or a breakfast! Mega the tasty, fragrant, gentle and slightly crackling cheese flat cakes in du...  See details »



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  • 00:00: dear friends big big hello Today we cook deliciously delicious Cakes are prepared in just a few minutes to break away from them really it is impossible and so on preparation will leave just a few minutes therefore pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees here I have 100 grams of cheese I'll rub on a big grater here at my place 200 grams of sour cream I add to sour cream cheese stir 100 grams of flour add salt and about a fourth
  • 00:32: a teaspoon of soda stir stir add flour and knead the dough carefully all stir and the dough will be so very sticky I greased the baking sheet with butter and now we start to form flat cakes spread on tablespoons of dough [music]
  • 01:04: and now I wet the spoon with water form thin thin cake and now we make tortillas with fragrant different tastes and even the kind they will have different directly from the top sprinkled with your loved ones it is healthy to choose several
  • 01:35: options so that tortillas were so to say for every taste I will use this kind of seasoning to Miss Seasoning Arab Marrakech Ingredients natural manure I trine with the eastern with notes of such spicy oriental aroma that coriander is zeroplus garlic chili and Patrick especially for her husband to him very much I will like to take hot chili burning still I want to add oregano is not an acute
  • 02:13: the spice will be a fragrant pleasant and a few things I'll put in red sweet pepper You can take the way hot pepper by the way. wish as you wish here see how beautifully it turns out we send in an oven heated up to 200 degrees flat cakes are very thin so it takes literally 5-7 minutes here are such beautiful appetizing flat cakes
  • 02:43: Cheese is obtained with delicious absolutely fragrant indeed it will be very difficult to stop try to cook with all my heart I wish you a pleasant appetite likes and subscribe to the channel before the new See you for the time being