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  • 00:00: hello to all very much glad to see you all on your channel today i want you tell how children's knit attach to the fact that I was on the channel such at just me showed that I tied up before in totals then in final papers and I am very many asked how he fit do something just from not responding immediately the plates immediately left now I have 2 for cool plates now I already need send it and decided today quick then you tell how
  • 00:30: link such a simple and not every cute baby plaid and I want find out for yourself it is drawing like him this plaid bound from yarn children's novelty here did you see what thickness is obtained this hook we have two with half here we are ready for this drawing drawing is very simple see how he is looks beautiful then same time is very simple here is the length of this pre but the width and say length and width of subway 10 per meter it is very easy to type
  • 01:00: I will ask many how much is needed dial 5 or well before all the different girls in all different hooks and just easy dials typing chain but you need you meter wide up to dial the meter at meter 10 m but next there I usually take Meter Chain Chain meter length of the entire width can be typed here is the meter yes how many you need a length you cut yourself 90 centimeters 80 or 100 for me it's so very
  • 01:31: convenient metro 10 us then 10 meters twenty meters twenty but a minimum meter per meter less it seems to me just does not have no sense to do here on this view it took me nine coils at 50 grams for 450 grams here's 50 grams for us children's novelty 200 meters up is obtained Well 400 meters 100 grams turns yarn very quickly he contacted literally days for four but not completely 7 days on
  • 02:02: the final knit because what you need and work and doing housework do no one canceled them you know the girls and detour to me was here such on the edges I look in corners made here such roses are there to the roses I have on the channel so that please go see how you learn do very nicely it looked like a hit but it here you do not recognize years once ron and now before we say so on warm season if necessary warmer simply
  • 02:32: do on the buttons here fleece lining and everything is very warm and OK on the buttons done when it's hot in unbuttoned and again impulse plates of course however that may be very convenient thing and baby cover and so at home Here it is he who sleeps and then on the floor you can It can be played on he is very long serves this years so see let's be honest proceed with you to the drawing as I am right now to you all I'll show the girls too let's start with
  • 03:02: you knit drawings breakdown yes, give for start on take chain of 27 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
  • 03:32: see 4 1 2 3 4 4 loop chains are doing with you three nakida 3 posts with one crochet 1 2 3 we make one air loop and again do 1 column with one
  • 04:04: at the same loop here so it should be and at the same time we get three bars air loop and just a bar with one-piece skip three loops chains of one two three and in the fourth knitting same We knit 3 posts with one-piece air loop and more
  • 04:37: 1 bar with one as we continue to knit up end of row 1 2 3 4 and here wear. knits again the same drawing very easy quite a few yarn is eating expends looks very pretty here how many people are watching everyone is happy with you like any label looks good especially children's products are generally good cute when
  • 05:07: cuddle it is very easy to stitches to knit and wherever you want each in its own way like it yourself you know, here's 4 still we knit 3 columns with one-piece 3 we make knitting
  • 05:39: air loop and more 1 bar with one at the end we we bind the last loop chain of columns with one piece is what with us it turned out like this here is such a drawing very easy and simple unfolding do 3 lifting loops 1 2 3 unfolding the work and look please in the woods in the yard. Here is the arche where we are
  • 06:09: made themselves 1 column with one plus take the air here here here We knit 3 posts with one-piece 3 post we make air loop and here one we make a post here look and also then here in this place where we had one house air 2 there are cases 3 posts with one crochet 3 2
  • 06:40: column 3 column air loop and so knit to the end of the row with you and always when you turn the work you will be seen now let's end of the series we are with you Dorezhem and see what will be here again let's do three a column with one накидом + 1 air loop and 1 more bar with
  • 07:13: one thing for all this see here in this here is the same thing see repeat what we did in the first the rival again us from me that place where we had air loop we are tying 3 a column with one cape air loop and more column with one and the last
  • 07:43: also do three a column with one cape air loop and more 1 bar with one and the last the petticoat there is watery tied to you column with one this is what we have you can see part make 3 loops
  • 08:13: lifting 1 2 3 unfolding the work and look whenever we neither turned We always work will be here the first one is coming here here is an arch with one air and always we start each row 3 a column with one wrapped in this here a couple of air and one column of 2 nacids it 's all about this here this one row turn then same thing in the drawing
  • 08:43: lies down in itself in chessboard order and he looks very easy and simple so that please visite to whom liked use the girl i fulfilled the promise to whom she promised to show drawing thank you to everyone what were with me all bye bye subscribe to the channel will be all very glad to put huskies write a comment all for now and until new meetings