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The recipe CHOCOLATE PLUMELETS the Decor for CAKES and DESSERTS  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] not from school Hello everyone my favorite and expensive today's subscribers We will have a video short but very informative and I I hope that it's for you be sure like with you how always denis fatkullin and today I will show you how can I do chic decor for your cakes and desserts I know that this topic is very like today prepare white
  • 00:31: chocolate and feathers proceed what we need should be done in first in first of all to us need artyom with you Pure chocolate I will use Belgian white chocolate as you you what method temper you can choose to myself after looking at me channel onto the rollers of tempering chocolate I will be his to temper now sowing method chocolate is tempered he already came to me operating temperature
  • 01:01: now what to us need further common thin knife this can be any shape knife can be to make here such here wide if you broad feathers acetate film or airborne tape and all and only our fantasy and so on now left the technique as and what to do take the knife neatly it is dipped good in tempered chocolate everyone helped him now raise
  • 01:32: superfluous we clean we direct on plenochku we omit now raise the back hand and take it down [music] I did with knife tempered chocolate on board tape or acetate film and now on I have dressed the edges and now
  • 02:02: I leave on the table our chocolate grabbed you can by the way, even remove probably for a minute fridge he is good Grabs and then we our hozyka not seats acetate film and so my chocolate seized it means me one tape is from rubber bands the other I mean did not become a rubber dress we will try carefully remove because it is such a thing unpredictably
  • 02:32: in principle , somewhere something is broken off but nothing terrible i will try accurately remove and show what this behold feather is a feather with us it turned out so one we shot we remove the following which one to take it's even I do not know if this is so bent already 1 likely So
  • 03:03: this is such a thing that's wonderful Torzhok a little bit such bent very gentle so i got it what can be done our feathers can edge make such they will be tainted more probably realistic looking I'm on one I will do that you can directly on two transactions and while let's see what all will be
  • 03:33: the end of which will be with The knife is heated with the help of a water knife wipe it so he was dry but warm and do not cut the of our feathers [music] this great magic decor for our cakes and desserts from me today it turned out to me as always was
  • 04:03: it is very nice to be in the company together with thank you great that you please see subscribe to my channel put like make a retreat recipes of social networks and as always to fast meetings on my channel for the time being