JUDEE MAGIC SET. FOR WHAT it is USEFUL? Knitting lessons spokes || BEGIN to KNIT!

JUDEE MAGIC SET. FOR WHAT it is USEFUL? Knitting lessons spokes || BEGIN to KNIT!  See details »

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  • 00:00: you are on the canal begin to lick my name Tatiana Today we will learn do magic set of Judy What I have is this magic a kit that allows you to knit right in both sides of the edge of typesetting that is, where can we use it knitting socks from the toe when we type in the toe here on this part, and then the two sides top bottom are starting to take we can tie the pillowcase on the pillow in the same method typed on one side
  • 00:30: loop and knit fabric just two upwardly simultaneously with the side edges have docked you do not need any stitches that is, it turns out we have is like knitting hollow gum can also set use when you want to dial loops and one way you already knit the second part of the loop will be no for example a thread, and then continue to knitting in the back in the opposite direction when you will need to have the knitting or knitting the two sides
  • 01:02: at the same time on both sides as the floor gum and so we need to work circular needles, you can basically do it and to direct the needles Two needles for a set and third provyazyvaem or two pairs Circular Needles someone as comfortable I take one circular needles and correspondingly our not. we take our thread tip thread It is closer to me and, accordingly, farther away from me a ball so I'm alone and the code
  • 01:33: the amount of yarn more we take our circular needles We do not add them together. Now here it goes to the tip of the leaves We throw a ball to the upper spokes on Now this and then change the fingers that is, we wrap the thread around the needles were Now turn over so we get here
  • 02:03: so the first Only we have done further, we must Make a loop with you to lower needle To do this, we will take our thread with the index finger and cast it on lower the needle to do next loop on the upper needle our thumb comes between the spokes and throws on top Indicative
  • 02:36: the index finger on the lower thread needle comes thumb on top that is, we alternate with you zakidyvanie strings in and of themselves to themselves by themselves so we need to recruit the number of loops
  • 03:11: and most likely it will have with you should get an even as we knit one in the other side of the same number loops usually at some point we concludes we are begin in the first Collar We were on the top of the spoke means The final loop we have with you will be let the lower spokes will type more that we might knit a large sample and since the last loop on the bottom spoke and we
  • 03:44: just twist thread further because we do here this loop will form only by the fact that we are overwound thread here then what we do now we are with you We overturn our knitting lower needle pulls it out, we will knit that we have here as you can see
  • 04:16: The first loop is obtained here only due to the fact that we are here strings twisted and it locks It looks like a grandmother's front loop just so we have them and we will provyazyvat Now for the right wall is behind and is picked up by provyazyvaem face all first loop we Reported 2 further obverse their five we tally facial
  • 04:50: We reach the last loop, and us too front knit now we spoke this We take out the needle and return here this
  • 05:20: that is, we are now going to turn around and provyazyvat second half of that scored and so here we have a loop so it It looks twisted as it is now for the right for stenochku front we did and about face knit nowhere more twist will not be on the same side we eyelet face are classic right from the shackle
  • 05:51: ahead of them, and we will also knit facial dovyazyvaem to the end and then if we you need to knit it all in a circle so we knit toe we have to or we were binding pillowcase on the pillow or something else just continue to knit with you on in a circle without forgetting to tighten the extreme loop so that the web we have with you
  • 06:22: It will be at the edges immediately still here occlude and if the loop will be stretched it certainly will look ugly That is now here is the 3 series 2 Knit 3 row I start again with facial firming that here we had a nice butt continue to take see what we do in middle, absolutely quiet flat
  • 06:53: canvas we can knit in one side or the other side and knit it all around and we have the canvas served half let me now for circle still about to see several species I was not read to understand the show and say here's what I got, I knit several rows that is, we are empty bulwark but sex gum is yes we can It can be part of the toes and the juice from us to it may be part of a pillow on a boat another part of something that will come up with a part
  • 07:24: handbags can be any, and our side parts are all at once It binds any noise we are not it turns out all we knit circle the beginning of our series here our suite Here's what a very interesting way I think it can, in many cases, come in handy I hope it will come in handy, too, thank you for attention to new ideas