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Smooth heels in house conditions in 10 minutes. Aspirinovy peeling  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello soon it's time to bring Our heels are in order and today I will do aspirin peeling up to the sink and heels so I take aspirin acetylsalicylic acid 4 tablets 1 2 3 4 tablets aspirin and 1 lemon can be less possible more on I need to squeeze the lemon juice lemon juice of one lemon and lovely way these pills
  • 00:32: gradually dissolve lemon juice you can add more water tablespoon water can be added so look how perfectly dissolves spirin a little wait a couple of minutes then it completely dissolves not so it is clearly visible how miraculously dissolves spirin lemon juice prescription adds
  • 01:03: another tablespoon of water As if that is not to add more stronger because this composition is because the thought work is not on the face but on on heels and there is dead skin and that it is easy retired better of course a little more lemon juice and so with the solution is ready that I'm doing this before that I was friends washing well feet when I washed my feet I them
  • 01:34: dried these feet unclean me and then take the wadded disk 0 a knotty cotton pad flour well bubbles after all imagine that this is my heel and I impose this wadded sheet on the heel where there are burrs so unpleasant to leave so the way I put on and so on top I put on the package
  • 02:07: I wrap it up, but the foot water can still be worn Socks and so I leave in the menu for 30 you can start then takes it all off and takes it off and The pilot takes a penny and shoots what I have on the heels so all the dead cloth I remove it then I merged all this dead cloth of course we can much again
  • 02:37: rinse to wash with a towel we take it well cream but any cream that we have is better course cream for heels special cream and apply cream on this heel and naturally the entire foot is desirable again, put on a dry socks and for the whole night the procedure is such starting Gorny procedure heel heels clean as they say as in a baby
  • 03:08: all the best kind of thanks to be with me