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The most delicate cheese cakes which thaw even in hands! Buns with cottage cheese!  See details »

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  • 00:00: maternity leave you are holy again and you on my channel home kitchen today with you we prepare the most delicate just air very soft cheesecakes and with new design that is new way of modeling for start to prepare dough for our cheesecakes I do not give you the ingredients I enumerate how only they will say so enter in the recipe I I will name how many
  • 00:31: of which recipe will also be provided in the video itself and how always under video in bowl send two spoons flour and zalyu a steep mug boiling water okroshka u I have 300 milliliters we get here such an adhesive base but to her I still added another a tablespoon without Flanks of flour are obtained such a kind of paste
  • 01:01: good good vymeshayu so that there is not lumps and for a long time literally 5-10 minutes stand a little to cool the oil now I'm to her I send sugar and also good good I stir sugar too relatively say will fulfill its the role of doom these are the lumps if some the grains will remain Do not worry about kneading the dough they
  • 01:31: everyone will disperse immediately here the eggs sour cream is here before that I added I did not sound 2 eggs sour cream me who Approximately grams 250 mugs for 300 milliliters and sour cream
  • 02:04: not home answers but store and also well that's such The mass of us it turns out now [music] the moment of vanilla I ask forgiveness and vanilla sugar sachet and 50 gram drawn trembling you seem to burn in all sides are good
  • 02:35: it's all mixed up and we leave to stand for half an hour to our yeast is better Well, well then see passed 30 minutes our mix plays bubbles then which is what we need for to check how good are our Yeast yeast and will speed up process then to quickly approached
  • 03:08: dough into a separate I sifted the bowl here 3 cups flour I have glasses here such here on 250 gramme here immediately shipping half a spoonful of salt I mix it all up like this now another second I will add here a pinch of salt literally 1 for what reason because often in comments write you add and yeast and water here literally look
  • 03:39: just a little bit for that so that if excessive acid is when baking I do on kefir with sour cream homemade sour cream from do not add soda if it is a shop sour cream or it shop kislev I I always add quite a bit soda in order to neutralize acid so that later this is not a sourness was present in test everything and hand here so I mix it all and now we are pouring in here our liquid
  • 04:10: components but such a dough it turns out and I'm here once again body sex a glass of flour and I will look enough Or all the same it is necessary will be to those three glasses to add add still 4 stacks because the dough does not I want to score and we are all ahead blending process our test with
  • 04:40: vegetable oil vegetable oil approximately we here we will add about 100 grams so the floor a glass of flour I intervened from here but when stirred with a spoon feeling one when began to interfere with the hand it is felt that the dough anyway still sluggishly so I sift through here is another glass of flour and once again on Misha so
  • 05:11: the dough turns out here is it's sticky, but if I pull it up she does not swim much See, here I am I understand and everything is in the center she is a little bit Down but not such that it is direct spread and now our most basic task now little by little in small portions to stir our oil and then we will we look at structure of dough because now it is not I want to overheat
  • 05:42: flour dough now I his hang process will be grow stronger gluten in the dough and then we'll see we need to be or there is still no fly so the dough on her already with All is mixed with oil the same structure which as if to me I wanted to get more not enough because liquid all the same a lot and 300 milliliters of boiling water
  • 06:12: almost 300 milliliters of sour cream naturally 4 cups and a half is not enough so another A glass I sift and already put on it accent that I am already added five seconds half a glass here this series and complete and once again well
  • 06:42: vymeshat because you must always find golden mean the batter will be long approach Naturally, this as it were, is not acceptable for biscuits and pies thick dough when she is very , it suits the flour faster but when she already with a harness glennom form before baked it faster features therefore it is necessary
  • 07:12: catch that moment so that the medium density and not dense and not liquid so a bowl for dough menu of butter here our batter keys strait someone I am but she enough collection but only but does not come off will say that he is stubborn know this is what it is direct liquid dough
  • 07:43: already for it I translate everything container of more than I love cities such a dough remains in this batch so simple is it incomparable and not compare of course do not jump at all so the book of the matrix turn all
  • 08:22: cover and let him stand relax now to us it remains to cook our curd stuffing here for me 400 grams of cottage cheese cottage cheese I have
  • 08:53: home but he does not this is not wet let's say so here to him send 100 grams sugar can be a little bit more here already refer to your taste 2 yolks pinch of salt 10 grams starch it's approximately teaspoon with small slide Vanilla sugar and 40
  • 09:23: a gram of sour cream with methane is not domestic and all this now I shall crush well interrupted by a submersible blender [music] curd I translated submersible blender and now i'm from here I sprinkle 60 degrees we must carry
  • 09:56: washed and dried and now quite add a little bit of zest I want a lemon Here is such a note add to our leaflets all zest I added here I left rubbed half a lemon is not whole lemon and half a lemon and we proceed now shaping our cheesecakes passed half an hour look how did it rise up dough I even
  • 10:26: planned that she Has put minutes 20-15 it's just a little bit was busy so that's why a little bit I stood up but but from this will not be worse usually dough generally worth rising an hour and a half therefore when walking a bit table spread the dough and now I have it a bit Misha is very airy
  • 11:00: soft and I show now how will I get them form shared I cried buns now roll out nocturnal lozenge from any of certain sizes it's you already do on your discretion is wider
  • 11:31: and from above with two I cut three strips so here so Here we get such here on top with each side of three flagellum of such a we turned out like whom his bug sort of now I'm here I introduce our stuffing and now add them up
  • 12:05: here ahead cross here like this following on to their kind is obtained as plait like this and so that's what we have here I remained around I take it so much around buns hug here so here so it turns out also put on greased parchment
  • 12:36: and I will show it again until the kid did not run here I hear already screams roll down today, by the way, I ordinary portion I weigh my cola barrels today are not weighed in as did everything by sight let's say it again do 3 wore glasses
  • 13:11: from each side we spread cottage cheese and again tighten here and lay cross again times goes 2 and exactly the same third time like this and
  • 13:42: already grabbing grab those ears and add up and one we hide the edge bun is like this it is as if pigtail such in In the midst of roses all and so we form all rest formed a volcano I give 20 minutes to go and the other half of me just rolled
  • 14:12: balloons put them on the pan is also on greased parchment and allowed them to approach now I take the glass the bottom I wave to the flour and on the center I do this dimple where we go let's lay down our curd but also muzhik and then we will spread out stuffing all laid out our
  • 14:46: stuffing and now send bake approximately 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees as always after baking be sure to time I'll tell you look what result of my diligence what they are beautiful what not aromatic and how much they are soft pits even I just can not transfer it to you only cook this dough we are just magical here I can be somewhere hesitantly there in
  • 15:19: some other dishes are given about yeast dough I to you I give not that that 200 I I will delete 500 percent that you will be just in delighted with such baked goods were baked they give me 30 minutes this too, look of course on your oven you have maybe less may be greater when temperature 180 degrees 10 minutes before finish baking I they were smeared with whipped yolks mixed with sour cream food here such is the beauty and
  • 15:53: Of course I will break and show you they so soft no Well, I would not even I want to pass the legs soft, soft not very soft they so tender is it baking it is easy gorgeously chic and here there already further you see there is a cottage cheese still hot still everything soars and naturally Of course, these are the same are obtained and here these are the cheesecakes Well, I want you wish for a pleasant tea drinking delicious to you
  • 16:23: impressions, try cook never Be afraid and not says good luck to you smile the dough never at extreme rarely happens she turned out the first time but that who aspire pamper your relatives and friends great fragrant and soft bakery products this is exactly you If you risk first time so that get which one will turn out same errors there are also I do not have there is such that
  • 16:54: everyone has always been everything ideally subscribe to my channel put like be sure to write comments I always I will reply but we are with you we will prepare more a lot of very tasty with you separately and my home cooking channel all he himself but herself good until