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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you channel and I also prepare and I'm Elena Matveeva in this video we continue the topic snacks and talk we are today about but a filling for your fillings a huge number and usually any stuffing suitable and lavash this conclusion is very delicious but goes himself the first one will cope with
  • 00:30: festive table I chose the five most delicious most interesting fillings on my opinion today we will prepare so to start let's start simple for this prescription for us it will take 100 150 gram Korean carrots 50 grams ham pita bread and mayonnaise ham for cutting thin straws carrot in Korean
  • 01:04: of course we already have chopped but we need I'm even smaller chop cut it again it is necessary for that lavash easier to twist and it was easier then cut into small pieces ham carrots add two tablespoons mayonnaise and all carefully mix so pause a minute we
  • 01:39: prepared the filling and and already lay out on lavash is covered generously do not regret it is necessary cover all lavash all his the surface is dense carefully wrap on your this is enough tight tight roll
  • 02:09: subway drink from cut this roll his should be removed in refrigerator for so that it soaks do not need to clean less than an hour food spreaders film or package for the next bright prescription for us
  • 02:40: need boiled chicken pepper a little bit garlic mayonnaise greens and pita bread we cut our legs not fairly large pieces we will grind them into blender is not particularly bother all cut now take the blender bowl omit the blender there, the garlic is closed and crush
  • 03:11: so here you are at us it is small enough and relieved now there is a chicken and now grind together with chicken look at all in porridge
  • 03:48: practically has turned very petty that to us and necessary add two tea spoons of mayonnaise and fennel can be added parsley hatch from you there is so much a lot of added well now stir pepper finely chopped but before crumbling
  • 04:33: and add it to our mass and again we mix two tea spoons of mayonnaise turned out not enough so that add better 2 tablespoons mayonnaise because if a mass
  • 05:03: too thick she will be very bad puddle and he will not be able to beer soak like should be laid out weight per key store smeared try to everything was enough
  • 05:33: evenly everywhere same and again neat carpenter wrap up all again wrap the cage film and send fridge next recipe suitable for those who monitors his figure as he low-calorie for
  • 06:03: we will need it cottage cheese fresh cucumber a lot of greenery and olive oil skin the words of the highlander are not better removes and so does it a lot of fiber which is very useful for our intestines but there are rude plots of my cucumber which I will have remove now take a large grated and rubbed cucumber on it mix cottage cheese with
  • 06:43: enemy cucumbers now add lots of croup and approximately dining room spoonful of olive oil oils can of course be take vegetable and olive and give brighter taste the filling is ready spread 2 your neatly
  • 07:17: wrap again wrapped in traces and send to refrigerator by two previous roll next on mask despite the simplicity recipe is obtained very tasty and always from the festive table she flies the most first we take the raw carrots and its large part rubbing on shallow grater the remaining small
  • 07:53: carrot part we we will rub on larger grater in the same mass we rub garlic on a fine grater ran away let's take small piece cheese and let it dry there same on a large grater cheese take firm any you like more likely add mayonnaise
  • 08:27: about two dining rooms spoons and mix must mix carefully so that garlic is not caught by us already in this recipe many salt is added but we added cheese and he himself by itself salty so I add I will not and in general never add nor does it seem what to wear superfluous the next option
  • 09:44: snacks are also very interesting one of our beloved wall for him to us need herring processed cheese emergency friendship boiled carrots your green onion is yours sects cut into small pieces and if your network strongly salty then better, I first learn in the water to the filling did not turn out too salty cooked carrots also cut into small pieces and send their blender
  • 10:14: processed cheese too cut into pieces and now send the cheese in herring work and I divided the carrots I do not have two parts does not fit the blender will mix if it is a jam stuffed and another note you if we are stir now homogeneous mass y we will therefore one big secret here in this cup you need add either mayonnaise
  • 10:45: Little I will add any oil olive oil and That's it is much better onion finely finely shinkem and tails I leave them I will decorate dishes add windows chopped onion now stir by the way, instead of
  • 11:15: such as mayonnaise or olive oil you can add softened butter, too will be very interesting soft the taste is very pleasant wrap our beauty is just as dense carefully hour passed got
  • 11:48: went to our rolls deployed and shooting and neatly cut when the roll soaked less then tears well of course immediately you have to be very cautious and yet take better the sharpest in the end, I have
  • 12:21: 5 types were obtained very tasty snacks which is very easy cook for decorating fantasy and you be sure something will turn out unusual if you liked this video then put your fingers go up subscribe to my channel for now