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How to Find the Person On the Phone number | Calculation of Location

How to Find the Person On the Phone number | Calculation of Location  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear users I do not think the Internet you especially I wonder how I I think your name is much more interesting how to calculate the geo-position and precise location knowing only subscriber his mobile number phone this video is about this now and you all show Well we went for First, let's find any number phone which I I show you as it is done for this will score in google and something like boxing school in Rostov for example, and let
  • 00:31: now find any site and that there has been specified telephone number so here school different let's we use the club Antey show number phone and let us now copy this phone number after then we'll go on Desktop where we were with you you need to create daddy so click create a folder and this folder is now we need to English call geolocation background Well
  • 01:03: is translated from English mark phone geolocation so what's inside This creates a folder Text Document the text and We also document English you must call geolocation DPA elbow perfectly in this also create folders more and a single text document and open it here friends please clear carefully repeat after me all my actions and
  • 01:31: if you make a mistake will all clear attentively repeat and write for me if you so just as I will calculate opposition you are interested subscriber that the writing English geolocation He struck an equals sign space and now insert number phone I feel we have a geo-position we want to calculate Only in this phone us be erased the extra characters there is a terra struck parenthesis and the sign plus here is that in
  • 02:00: eventually leaving only telephone number and of what does the country code next line, we you write the sign equal and write these tight that translated from English Latitude refers to the next line write an equals sign and write lange zeit that translated from English denotes the length Thus, we ask that the system We want to know the latitude and longitude of subscriber that is his well location
  • 02:30: Now save This file called geolocation. baht friends necessarily sure to have you have a file called just like in me and allocation. baht that we press the button save this text and document You can close as we We see our folder appeared here such Now that we file with you need to run after then begin the process computing geopozitsii this caller and end of calculation we are interested information it
  • 03:00: location displayed in text document geolocation what run this file As we see the beginning the calculation process geopozitsii interest to us subscriber this process It takes a few seconds to 5 minutes If the process is last more than five minutes, it will indicate that the method of calculating is outdated in this the case in the description below this video I was already link to a new method with which can be calculate the geo-position absolutely any
  • 03:30: knowing only subscriber phone number that is as we see the process calculation of completed Let's go now open a text geolocation document from copy here latitude and longitude that here It displays the following calculation process copy it and now We go to the browser and We go to this site as yandex maps well, that is, Yandex maps must We heard of a website So he went and Now on this website Just to find us you need to insert
  • 04:00: copied advance the breadth and longitude and press button to find because we see and Yandex maps and display to us here this here address The growth of cities Aviamotor Lane Building 13 well let's test this information on the site where we took phone Set here exactly the same address from this can be done conclude that this great way to I worked and gave us geo-position, taking into account that we had
  • 04:30: It is known only to the number phone but how do you already warned early or later this method of calculating geo-position is aging and in this case, description under this video I was already link a new way to computing geopozitsii by number phone That's basically all that I would like to show you thank you very much per-view place Huskies at this video and necessarily subscribe to my channel, and then I will spread more many interesting and all useful video till