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The device for cutting of strips from a plastic bottle.  See details »

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  • 00:07: device for and cutting the strips alloy their bottles by doing this video my request subscribers with help this I fit here it is cut into strips three millimeters is 5 millimeters or something one and a half centimeters in
  • 00:32: principle can be Make Any Size What you need but here everything is done I took a very simple Area 30 thread hairpin knife for cutting I took with this knife construction here there are cuts
  • 01:00: it breaks off here I took a piece not necessarily with hole can be simply I took a piece aluminum Area Thirty here I have here a ribbed part here flat I'm on this side with plane at the corners made two holes drill Quartet I drilled this we Here is the way such
  • 01:31: Screws with a large hat for mounting it must penetrate hole right You take a pinch in Tess here now and saw and hack-saw for metal Now it's this part of the where we are fluted you You drive through almost until the end of the wolf, and that's Now here was to smooth bevel and this hand here is we
  • 02:00: there is a size size Our strips to make size we need take into account the thickness of our wolf's here thickness 2 mm, and according to do I add 5 two millimeter metered from the corner 7 then you need to take nazhdachku fine tear off and picks like this here piece
  • 02:33: sandpaper should be based on the rag and You take insert here and so at odds pinch in tissot all polish can first barb shoot Needle file com edge to here was nowhere chipping and then take and polish absolutely all facets both on this side so
  • 03:00: and on the inside remove the hand when we all do We take our knife and here knives here comes our blade it sharpened on both sides we take it and on sandpaper or little cubes we his tupim not to cut the blade
  • 03:30: we do not need it do not It suits us blades you need a very different this blade need type how do with a boot knife party is over. and on the other side of the our flat surface for. is only one I later hand I show you how to sharpen knife and now we're here You must drill two holes and We take the knife set here So butt up
  • 04:02: corner and now push up wearing Well millimeter We expose and now we need here note this is hole We need to drill hole so that the our screw when I went Now here comes wine and it to
  • 04:30: It was close to there is almost no but the gap was that's close by our slice of the knife holes must go I take a bet here a furniture screw with a big hat Here is such a nut too, with a large cap and washer Now I'll show you how
  • 05:00: sharpen a knife note here So we put a knife and we need to sharpen Now this make the cut Now on top of this because of the significant take a knife and live here And so it is here than such movement wahl we do more more than 45 degrees The tip of the knife to have We were on the acute and sharpen
  • 05:38: moon castle lightly squandered vodichku all
  • 06:02: We tried to take We have tried here here the other hand So we pumped and here's took try this hand we went burrs and now I I take and I on the other sides I felt the circle Turn on the felt
  • 06:30: circle polish Now forget our side one side So you see we have seen here this hangnail try a party to the lyre but again overturn
  • 07:03: intro until you see that no science
  • 07:34: Now that we It happened here we go for. and here we all directly to try it good We dragged the knife Well Here you can try So once you see the knife
  • 08:08: knife perfectly cuts we all knife Now we dragged establish and here see more the opening of our cut somewhere take 4 centimeters and drill
  • 08:30: another hole by six and it hole that you we mete knife too under shestorochku do We take the set like this Now husband and suspect somewhere in the millimeter from opening this one Territory must be approached put Now take our screw I put here and so on
  • 09:01: I put plate washer even wider and twists Our nut then I I take the screwdriver key and well tighten Now that we
  • 09:31: Now I got I take the pond with thread and I put here and so here and out small krayushek to tighten the nut also tightens Now tighten all We are taking set Knives can be here put any
  • 10:00: I now put special typewriter with twenty-fifth Class blade here too Here is such a knife with machines but be sure to have must be for one-sided. and sharpened very acute here I here shelf and open that's screwed shelves bar from the edge 7 millimeters mete out and here I put a hole
  • 10:31: twirl can be there first make a hole small to bar does not burst and twirl and tightened Now I take this stud and a little bit and buckle up here and so that we It was a bottle inclination little I take a bottle
  • 11:13: Now look at us star begins bottle that's just configuration gone bottle desirable direct them to how It can be straighter I take like this Now I make an incision
  • 11:31: scissors to make an incision so here on our cut off mark it is desirable to do so exactly like you would here so here is a pair of scissors a little bit tighten up so that us whatsoever burrs burrs
  • 12:00: it is bad as it is possible smoother need a bottle cut here and so and unscrew it she cut scissors you see if there are much much burrs or irregularities that accordingly you It will be bad passing bad will start taking
  • 12:31: I insert the bottle I hit it lower part the holes and I take here just such a movement bottle pressed under closer to adaptation and under pressure and take here So prune Now I have here in my It seemed to tail I see here a ponytail Now I take for tail and just simply
  • 13:06: very laid to rest fast well, this is irregularities and they had will look bad and begins to twist and then take a cut off where not even I shook so here somewhere and cut off here
  • 13:32: what happened thread cutting perfectly smooth here all fine now you can make out of it all that is all that you You want to take the edge of here and so a bottle slightly cranked and knife cut all here
  • 14:02: It is simple enough the device is very very comfortable, I quickly I made for climbing grid colors wove I want to put on street on tomatoes I bought a greenhouse grid to tomatoes tie and here on the street, I'll try and I want to make make weaving grapes also from
  • 14:30: plastic bottles on this until all good luck