Marmarirovaniye nail varnish. Experience 1. Will be still.

Marmarirovaniye nail varnish. Experience 1. Will be still.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends with you firndaus badalova Today I will show you how to make an imitation marble with ordinary varnish for nails here I have here look and what cherry and black lacquer and mother of pearl here so silly that we are with you at the beginning
  • 00:31: we take the capacity close its food film to the capacity it is convenient to foul was and is poured into this cold storage tank cold water is warm water does not pour that paint then we quickly collapses pour cold water give a little bit stand by it so that all bubbles are gone right here on this wooden small
  • 01:01: I made the caskets imitation of this malachite pattern with using paints for marbling these two sides of me I stayed and I'll try on them experiment if you do will do the casket is beautiful under your interesting motive not necessarily Forget this lock and unscrew only then begin to do
  • 01:32: marbling lock and loop you then screw it on I just try a place so here you are looked let's let's see, then u us here is white if you do casket interesting or interesting will be marbling another sheet of cardboard then you have a map if we take and what billet plastic iron we are glass necessarily its prepare both
  • 02:02: laid and covered white ground we will imagine that we his casket already covered with white ground and now we will experiment some water settled and I'm digging now . I open red lacquer like this here poured closed now I'll take such here cherry make a few drops and
  • 02:33: chick is wonderful something I wanted add to tsykova blue-green and not I know what it will be like so here I draw a little bit of a drop now see what for an experiment it is necessary that there were two colors paint some yellow light shade here I am
  • 03:04: added a hue I have 4 colors let's add for the sake of interest, here a little bit such a pearly I'll finish the hue and yes a lot of talking here such-that- white paint that's so light mother-of-pearl and let's now see us
  • 03:34: we take a wand we take We take the needle toothpick and neatly to the center do divorces here you saw like I did neatly all removed the wand to us No longer needed and now here in this beautiful drawings which we have it turns out we are with you perch vertically
  • 04:04: our workbench here see 1 I'm not completely up to this point the bottom dropped and I lift and that's what I get here so beautiful here unusual drawing here here I have blister can i have left I color her
  • 04:35: neatly I will try to adjust to center neatly because glues together between yourself on this I made the dots such an interesting pattern through shades of red lacquer but this side of me remained pure
  • 05:05: let me now I spend this 100 km and let's see what we have and it will turn out simply apply and understand and that's what We are also getting kinda very beautiful unusual now we will wait when this my experiments continue if you liked it too you can take a lacquer and try to do its beautiful unique pattern
  • 05:35: creative successes