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mini-complex for strengthening of muscles of a back (alternative "лодочке")  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello to everyone alexandra bonin do you know this exercise as boat if you do not know then let's first I show how she looks once two three 4 5 this exercise is often used for strengthening the muscles of the back and it's enough complicated because here is included in
  • 00:31: First all muscles stabilizers the spine that passes along it all the muscles of the waist a also the muscle that encircle our entire shoulder blade and include a humeral the belt is yes it the exercise is very interesting and useful for the spine but it is complex and not for everyone it works correctly perform therefore I you in this video propose alternative and mini complex of exercises which will also are aimed at
  • 01:01: strengthening of the same most muscles about which I already have told but these exercises you you can perform much easier and they you will be more accessible than a boat for this we take Requires Car Mats We lay down on the stomach and perform a small complex for muscle strengthening spine so that it was a big load just for the rest of your back on all muscles we will alternate exercise first on the upper part of the muscles back then on the bottom
  • 01:31: and so we will take turns do not there was an overload lie down on the stomach our feet are straight arms also extended forward and first to the upper part by turns tear off one arm and together with hand raise a little housing up on exhale 1 on inspiration return back the other hand on the exhale 2 and come back back together 1 and 2 on
  • 02:02: exhalation three on inhalation 4 alternate one-two-three-four-fold two three four tempo as you can see average we do not rushing and breathing
  • 02:32: observe 3 and 4 well now put our hands under the chin resting upper part of the muscle of the scapula include the gluteal muscles and a little lower back to first turn minimal one leg exercise raise on exhalation once on inspiration back two other legs 3 4 1 2 3 4 when we raise the foot
  • 03:10: linger briefly upstairs at second and come back down again delayed a little bit fixed and down fixed the top and down felt muscle tension buttocks right now work more muscle Buttocks only then slightly turns on loins 3 4 on exhalation once inhaled 2 3 4 and 1 2 3 and 4 are good
  • 03:42: now we start hands behind the back and mesh the castle on the exhale lift upper trunk part and reduce scapula and as if reach for heels on exhalation and once and for inhaling back 2 on exhalation times and come back 2
  • 04:14: necessarily reduce shoulder blades together stretch chest and we fall down again we reduce the blades raise the trunk and fall down on exhaling once in inspiration back 2-4 and two more times 1 2 3 and 4 are good
  • 04:46: Hands stretch again forward in front of you parallel to each other friend and now gradually begin join traffic hands and feet that is a little slightly including all back muscles from scapula to the sacrum lift up a divorced hand and leg for example, the right hand hand and left foot on exhalation once and on inspiration back two
  • 05:16: on exhalation 3 and 4 1 2 3 4 exhale breath exhale and inhale exhalation breathe in and out breathing well
  • 05:48: The hands are removed again under the chin and next exercise turn on both feet slightly complicate exhalation load raise your legs up to linger a little in this position and slow return back on exhalation times and come back 23 and 4 1 2 3 4 and two more times two three exhaled breaths
  • 06:26: four good and last exercise now turn on both hands down rest works up for this hand let's go here here here and to the parties from ourselves we bend ulnar and humeral joints and we have parallel to each other friend and now on exhaling tearing off the body up we are reducing again scapula together and
  • 06:56: we rise on exhalation blossomed attacks on inhale down back again to expiration and time go back necessarily reduce scapula together when you will be easier do it Exercise 1 2 3 and 4 1 2 three four and two more
  • 07:30: times 1 2 3 and 4 are good Hands can be pulled out forward parallel to each other and a little bit lie down relax relax after that complex this mini complex of exercises can be used to work out how thoracic department the spine
  • 08:00: both lumbar and still pay attention that if you have stoop or scoliosis then these exercises also quite is effective for this problem and please pay attention that of course such exercises we perform only in remission that is when you do not have pain or some other symptoms of exacerbation and finally if you will be use this complex, at least daily for
  • 08:30: two to three weeks you effectively in turn strengthen and all muscles shoulder blades belts and all the back and then it will be possible already move to exercise boat so you see no one this exercise is not she also canceled useful but first you need to strengthen the muscles backs separately such exercises and then go easy on boats and perform its even for a while well what are dear friends I wish you effective training sessions
  • 09:00: I hope this the complex liked I will be glad if you subscribe to my channel and be sure to see you in others video thanks to meetings