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How to Resist to Circumstances? Parable  See details »

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  • 00:00: how to resist the circumstances reasons comes to the father of a young girl and says father I'm tired of me so hard life such difficulties and problems I have all the time I swim against the current I have no more strength what should my father do instead of answering put on the fire 3 identical pan
  • 00:34: with water in one threw a carrot on the other put the egg in the third poured chicory granules after a while he took it out of the water carrots and eggs and poured into a cup of chicory he asked his daughter carrots and eggs were welded agranulocytosis
  • 01:04: dissolved in water and no business. this only a superficial view of things look solid carrots after visiting boiling water became soft and pliable fragile and liquid egg has become solid outwardly they are not changed they only changed their structure under the influence of identical
  • 01:35: adverse circumstances of boiling water so people and strong outsiders can become unstable where fragile and tender only harden and grow stronger and chicory asked about this most interesting chicory granules completely dissolved in a new hostile environment and changed it turned gorgeous
  • 02:06: aromatic drink there are special people who do not change in force of circumstances but they change themselves circumstances and make them something new and beautiful I benefit and knowledge from the situation of the wisest book on land Bible written debt is patient and better brave and possessing themselves better
  • 02:36: conqueror of the city is somehow conquered by evil but overcome evil with good with you was a 100- year canal channel if you liked this video share your impressions in the comments under the video put it and if you're on my channel first click on the button you subscribe to you will find a lot of interesting things on the channel
  • 03:09: the material of all the best to you [music]