Puffs on kefir of 250 ml. kefir 250 gr the kindled butter 10 gr a baking powder of 3-4 Art. of flour For topping 120 gr. flour 100 gr oils 150 gr. sugar **...  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my dear subscribers and channel guests welcome to me in the kitchen today I will cook very tasty puffs on kefir I found this recipe on Internet expanses my family prepared endorsed liked it and that's it. today I share with you this recipe that we ordered for layer to us for us need 250 milliliters of kefir or curdled milk 10 grams of baking powder basically baking powder can be replace and food soda 250 grams
  • 00:31: melted butter or margarine and 3-4 cups flour here I have two here a glass of it here two cup quantity flour depends on your flour from the density of your yogurt or yogurt in general so you need to vary I will show what should turn out for sprinkling need 150 grams sugar 100 grams butter and 120 gram of flour
  • 01:01: we will sprinkle then cook before everything we prepare dough capacity which you will mix pour out kefir or curdled milk add there melted Butter all well mix whisk here Do not just be nice
  • 01:32: you need to mix everything now in flour here I have two I pour out a glass 10 gram of baking powder a pinch of salt literally there 1 gram on adding flour here in our mix here kefir and melted butter flour is a must sieved and in advance sifted can
  • 02:02: sift dough in a bowl and all carefully knead the dough has already become so this is his quite difficult stop the table now sprinkle a little flour we take our dough and start knead she is very soft
  • 02:33: so pleasant nice and very pleasant to the touch now we have it in the meat now roll it out I'm all in a ball so beautiful here lump but we rewind the food film or package and
  • 03:05: send the dough to refrigerator for one hour until our batter rest in fridge prepare immediately sprinkling we take flour 120 grams a pinch of salt and we take here like this a piece of butter new margarine now need to rub
  • 03:35: oil or margariet directly in flour on a large grater we pour into flour and rub a little I rubbed collapses again flour in this way oil should not be strongly frozen but it should be just from here refrigerator rubbing
  • 04:05: Intensely to oil is not quite melted away so here I am usually so do on Napoleon here I pour out sugar start again all here so here's rubbing everything our okroshka is ready and also send to refrigerator and it will wait until the dough will be ready in
  • 04:36: hour we take out the dough if you already have no time for cooking it means you can send the dough to freezer it's for half an hour twenty now all this is good once again bluff that the dough was homogeneous so now I divide the dough by six parts so roll out the dough
  • 05:14: thin layer round it very much malleable not round the table nor to which in general is so I already have an oven has now included me such a plate I I'll put it down and cut out the circle so that me these puffs and all the circles
  • 05:47: we cut out this here is a circle this is not a dough we throw out then we will make one more the circle is here it turned out beautiful club invest a million like this on the rolling pin, I prepared a parchment paper and now put here she has an eye divided into five parts or our
  • 06:18: and evenly evenly fall asleep here this one of ours sprinkling of dough this way here now take the second
  • 06:49: to pour out a piece sprinkled so that did not crumble neatly not even need to be pressed we take and from above cover like a cake on
  • 07:20: portion body in piece size also does not have a piece values ​​since you like it is possible cut into more small pieces more large from jesus all sacrifice your taste and
  • 07:51: desire is so necessary send our
  • 08:22: puffs in the oven oven warmed up 180 200 degrees to 40 50 minutes to about beautiful golden color