Tasty milk COFFEE WITH the DENSE SKIN of the house \/ WITHOUT COFFEE MACHINE  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we will do it delicious coffee with milk and thick foam for this Coffee is not for us Must buy special expensive coffee machine enough to buy mini mixer for whipping milk to us you need to brew separately coffee the one you love also we need Milk we need it we heat up or microwave or as I am now in casserole pour milk turn on the hotplate and
  • 00:32: heat our milk until hot see that she does not boiled well here is my milk is about to boil I turn it off already hot now we are pouring Milk is not strong a lot since the mass Our our foam will become in 2 more times now the most interesting is we
  • 01:02: take our mixer we include beaten already by the sound of a mixer we can hear that our mass has been hammered and you can also look like see mass increased and we happened here such here the film became quite a bit this is add coffee I add coffee as see with a thin trickle you and I are getting
  • 01:43: delicious coffee with a thick foam if you like more foam whip more milk about here even half a glass safely can whip that your foam increased in two and then you will have minimum coffee more milk and pen