How to Make \"Dietary\" Sandwich of the Plastic Bottle  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello if you take care of your health then I I suggest you do that's so beautiful dietary course This is a joke and less let's start for a sandwich and in we call Canada burger we take color of grass and bottle cut off and bottom round the edges to
  • 00:31: irons known to you already way and color bread color light brown of of the remainder we will make bottles cheese it was a bottle from under like who she is not even in the center so I do such cuts to this the part was better bent it was smoother and so we bend this part and your extra cut off we got this
  • 01:02: the square is just on size our bread and he should a little bit stand out now take the edges and the middle is hot glue and start paint this part in cheese color of sacraments yellow first we painted one side then she will dry out flip and paint the other side here I only show and the second bottle I was from
  • 01:32: to mine sprites she was flat and now from her part I I cut out two such here ring one ring will we play role of sausage and so we paint it in brown color dachin sausage a cutlets and the second ring at us will play a tomatoes because it's us to him that part of the paint in
  • 02:02: Red color and a green bottle we let's make lettuce leaves and then she is here the real return okurkin real burger ovarian burger pay attention to me make small incisions from all four parties will now see why do I need them all four parts
  • 02:34: now we take the candle light it and burn the edges our salad bottle the curve is crooked spontaneously we will set fire to the edges then spangles direct in the middle of a boy and now let's
  • 03:06: add our sample punch glued to cheese with one side tomato in quotation marks and on the other hand we glue as there is no day as needed only wait for it and the glue froze here at us it turned out honor now we glue bread leaves and on the contrary and from those years oh, mold the truth so convenient
  • 03:36: and now start add our beautiful sandwich one part bread now the middle and top can and glue and You can and do not glue now add it lived sunflower seeds yellow daisy here is our burger
  • 04:06: actually ready but let's start English tomorrow take the plastic plastic fork knife-knife and we will admire a figure tomorrow is ours will be very very slender beautiful and so here's the top view on the side it's a little different angle
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