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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone master class will be short and dedicated there will be things that we with you tied knitting in late May arose idea how to use beautifully leftovers of yarn which are in excess walk back and forth move around the house
  • 00:30: and in general, with one hand interfere with the other hand them out very, very sorry yes and there is no sense and here we are took different glomeruli small and from these glomeruli did this plaid it seems he's just here we have a small chain we take we make 3 air
  • 01:01: loops glasses and we sew two column in one loop here you see tied two bars with wrapped on sweat I miss one loop I do and 2 more bars in one loop 1 and 2 again I miss one loop and
  • 01:33: I make two bars again 1 and 2 are made they are in one loop they tied it in The last loop we make 1 bar with all at once we cut the knit I will not thread cut because it's just me sample
  • 02:03: And strings to me still useful here we take second thread here edge close up and here take the second thread we do on two threads 3 air loops and 2 row we knit like this you we take and we bind here he submitted between two here these here columns 1 column with crochet and sweat
  • 02:34: second further do between Here the following two here and it turns out as if we had a zigzag turns out if to the glomerulus of thread you are small then do as though across the size you need sheepskin and if
  • 03:04: the glomerulus is large then better done throughout length why What less will you have? tails that it will be necessary to hide and in general here on length is obtained pretty next on me someone came questions wrote that he like someone that does not very well, and it does not matter if not very well but
  • 03:35: came came questions and some feedback and me wrote several a man about that want to do there such rugs are pillows jackets there and others skirts are not important the main thing is that idea got accustomed to say so fell to taste and the girl wrote that wants to do this mat is a balcony I advised to take
  • 04:05: foam and sew on it's this one the resulting mat so it will be warmer and more convenient but foam rubber very fragile he very quickly deteriorates so I advised a little bit to do well otherwise take first cut longer than sheet of foam rubber in second at the ends
  • 04:36: will do as in a pillow case know here's the edge here sew up and down hem fabric or here such there are fabrics like towel what is it will give us on the one hand a insert type fasteners that it's us will thus give us
  • 05:07: we can always take off and wash or we shall admit at us foam rubber let's say so already over we took another sheet was invested and continue to use when we are like this joined here already as easy as pie sewed fabric but they connected and here so that still everything it was visible and here
  • 05:38: behold connected and connected part can also be pugovichki here this turn a little here is the fabric and what is on fabric buttons and this with loops on when we use such a mat on balconies then it gives warmth when we brought it in Apartment Apartment in people have laminate
  • 06:09: someone linoleum and the mat slips if we sewed it from below type fabric is like this towels are then will slide less you can suburb sew a tape type silicone around the edge and then in general there will be superbly put and forgot perfectly cleaned
  • 06:40: well washed is erased and generally very simple thing I hope that the oxana lena faith and others girls presented imagine how it is all to make a simple and action is true, after all nothing particularly difficult and you will be able to do it all do well this finish that long
  • 07:10: crochet send your ideas will share with each other another until