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  • 00:00: I loved it the idea of ​​animal scarf she is so I do not like miha but in ecstasy from unusual accessories I decided to sew similar to its daughter as main material i chose fleece but it will be done other warm boucle and felt but for everything order first of all I found template of this scarf and printed it out but you are without problems can draw it he looks by the hand he about like this basic part pattern is divided into head and tail parts so you can lengthen the scarf to
  • 00:31: the size you need we fold the fabric in half and pinned details are cut out two times and a second we make a detail for two centimeter longer than the first later I I will explain why Paws will make 8 ears 4 we will start paws we split two details face to face and insert inside claws from felt give line and turn out how many such paws us
  • 01:02: need the right 4 further one is better part let me do primary color second white with sharp than their place and turn out we pass to a muzzle I pre- cut out of felt counters and tip tail and decided them on machine we now cut our heads here along this line along the line where some have to be a gun here we add the ears and back
  • 01:33: stalling for this we left two centimeters the role of the eye play black buttons now we are sharper than two parts together leaving a small hole for eversion for start how much they need them we turn and
  • 02:12: sew manual hole we sew paws manually to the places where they should be here and here from fleece we cut out
  • 02:44: nose and sew it by hand with a thin needle The last step is we will make the similarity wool from thick you can choose the thread in tone basic tissue a can take contrasting ones like me so the fox will be look more we cartoon we take the needle is thick thread the thread in it and pierced through we deduce both details thread back tying it on the knot and cut off like this
  • 03:14: repeat as many times how much will you have enough patience the main purpose of this this action is two basic details together so that they do not walked in the process socks by happy Accident my daughter today was at home and you have a chance with my own eyes see her reaction with people uzi exodio