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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I would like to talk about some tricks operation of an oxide it will be resin especially useful Who uses is very small quantities for shallow gluing repair or some kind of small scruff for more options than today i usually I use this behold prikolchik it a syringe and gaining in oxide to pouring the same thing occurs with but hardener
  • 00:30: today it is not for us will need I took this flat aluminum washer and I will be on it do everything in general even at such small
  • 01:16: portions difficult even through syringe to measure the required quantity hardener for that bauxite pablo quality what was sufficient quantity hardener or its not too much for this I do now what it is my duty to do I will mix hardener sap oxide resin and I show as in here such a small portion test Did you pack enough mesh curing agent
  • 01:46: passed a couple of minutes death mixed and now I will show how I I'm testing enough whether components or you need a mixture correct me took his cap from cigarettes will suit absolutely
  • 02:16: any powder and a main advantage this is the thermal conductivity I dialed a small a portion of the pot is strong resin and now I will do that I'm for fat glasses warm up a little the heat is catalyst of reaction and because epoxy will begin to become much faster give on collapse the buckle so so that it is not too deformed when heat and lighter I
  • 02:46: I keep at a distance now I give a little cool as I can see bauxite does not flow anymore here it is dense and now I try this the mixture was obtained the mixture turned out
  • 03:17: solid hardener it is enough and it does not brittle and rigid that is epoxy add do not even break It is seen here at home but kadima add more that a mold filled with form boxing can be placed so to speak boiling water or warmed up with a hairdryer ordinary household or also placed in the oven at 60 to 70 degrees and warmed it will freeze
  • 03:47: literally but for minutes you can say so it is heated very strongly will allow you very quick to do some of the modeling or minor repairs or anything with epoxy resin also I wanted tell about another if the epoxy resin mixed with curing agent put in a freezer then it can be stored well, I even protected more than a month now I will put it in freezer I have it there some time
  • 04:17: I'll take a look when she completely cool down to minus one temperature and bring its here rod I here this I leave for so that I can demonstrate that she froze and how it will fit it took about 40 minutes the plate cooled cold is by the way in chemistry is called the inhibitor of the reaction is there is a retarder here stem box pretty good holds the plate here it is stronger then I can show
  • 04:49: what will it complete? temperature in my opinion there is about -16 degrees was well, and now I I show too process back that I still have a tank again but not something else all with platinochki
  • 05:21: Heats up and goes catalytic reaction that is, bauxite to will start fast quickly reiterate Well, it's been a couple
  • 06:23: minutes like I do it all the matter warmed up here is obtained heat dissipates through aluminum plates clearly because not so fast spilled like a flask here's the backlight By the way, you can very strongly strengthen if add there fiberglass or fiberglass cloth impregnate with epoxy will be very strong mixture or on ordinary cloth by it is called my
  • 06:54: my car there, well , so here let go of the zoom can be seen that she grab I do not know how strong stand still I will try not to stick absolutely you can take I thought that it would go Wushu now I'll try break this whole thing hot here is from when it will be
  • 07:27: absolutely already firmly and all good luck who liked it video put like subscribe to there will be many more interesting and useful